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Picking up from where I left off

I said in First the feast then the famine that it wouldn’t be the last you saw of this view – but I didn’t expect to

First the feast, then the famine

I’m not getting all overly allegorical or anything but, after spending a wonderful week painting solidly, I’ve barely had the chance to pick up a

Bad days at the easel

I’m familiar with having ‘bad days at the office’, so I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised that I also have bad days at the

Understatement of the year

It’s been a funny old week. Since January this year I’ve managed to put a post out every Tuesday. In that time I’ve had the

By popular demand…

…well I say popular, but that may be over-egging it. To be more precise, since my post where to begin with so many firsts which featured my

Watercolour Duet

For this week’s post I’m indebted to watercolour artist David Harmer. David was recently inspired to take on a most unlikely watercolour challenge – to

One sketch, four paintings, loads of fun!

So, after last week’s foray into the layered washes of Rowland Hilder, I thought I’d do a quick compare and contrast of techniques. Recently, Edo

Patience is indeed a virtue…

In an exchange of comments following one of my recent posts, the great watercolor painter Edo Hannema mentioned Rowland Hilder in relation to his ability

'Sea Palling/Wexham' after Edward Wesson

Only two months to go!!

With only two months to go now until my course with watercolour artist and Edward Wesson expert Steve Hall, the mounting anticipation and excitement is

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