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Where to begin with so many firsts?

With so many ‘firsts’ to relate – I’m not entirely sure where to begin. I feel I should probably begin with an apology (certainly not

My own barometer of success

I’m really beginning to get into the swing of taking an oil painting and interpreting it in watercolour – and I hope my enjoyment shows

Sometimes the hare does win…

Feeling emboldened by last week’s ‘oil into water’ effort, I was keen to seek out another Seago oil painting that I might translate into watercolour.

Oil into Water

As I was perusing my Edward Seago bible for my next exercise, my partner said “why don’t you let me choose something?” Quite naturally in

Is it Christmas yet?

Some parts of the UK had snow towards the end of last week and into the weekend, so the weather was obviously on my mind

Is that tarmac I see?

And not just tarmac. But some buildings too. And some telegraph poles.  It’s practically a cityscape! In a very tentative nod to the real world,

Another ‘big tree’ landscape

After last week’s more involved post of existential angst… here’s something short and – if not sweet – then at least simple. It’s based on

 Let it go, let it go

After I’ve completed a painting or sketch it normally gets left up on a little picture shelf in my front room, alongside whatever creations my

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