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Exciting exhibition news!

Starling Studios Pop-Up Gallery I’ve been frantically busy over the past few weeks trying to juggle all the usual commitments alongside preparing for my first

Brighton Painting Group

Last Saturday saw the inaugural meeting of the Brighton Painting Group and I was delighted to be in attendance! The premise is simple. It’s an

Pumpkin patch watercolour painting

Here’s a painting of a view that I had in mind after our recent visit to Poyning’s pumpkin field to pick up our annual Halloween

Pumpkin patch watercolour sketch

Bid now for the @heartresearchuk #anonartproject As many people that have been following my blog for more than a year or so will know, each

New York watercolour painting

I really have no idea where the time’s going at the moment so I hope you’ll forgive me if I dive straight in with this

Sussex hay bales watercolour painting

After what seems like an age, I finally managed to tear myself away from my sketchbook and return to something a little larger. I had

Bed legs watercolour sketches

I’m not sure why, but I’m currently feeling more pressed for time to spend watercolour painting than for a long time. It would seem that

What a difference a mount makes

I hit a little bit of in impasse this week. Nothing too dramatic but one upshot was that I found myself quite lacking in inspiration

Devil-may-care watercolour sketches

I’m so enjoying my sketchbook work that I can’t quite seem to tear myself away from it! So far, I’ve been painting on both sides

Watercolour tinkering

Continuing with my sketchbook odyssey, here are a couple of recent ones… and I wonder if any of the eagle-eyed amongst you can spot anything

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