Cornish rocks watercolour painting

If you’re not already familiar with the work of Hannah Woodman artist then please do have a look.

I first came across Hannah’s wonderful paintings at the RI watercolour exhibition at the Mall Galleries in 2023. Since then, earlier in 2024, Hannah was quite rightly elected as a member of the RI.

What I especially admire about her work is how it so wonderfully combines abstraction and representation. Her work also has a confident looseness and directness that creates such energetic and dynamic paintings.

Hannah is currently launching a new online course:

Sketchbook Stories: Loosening up the landscape

I saw a brief video that Hannah shared to promote this new course and it fleetingly featured a coastal scene that immediately captured my attention. I took a quick screenshot of the scene and here’s my quick-ish interpretation of it:

Cornish rocks

After painting this I shared it with Hannah and sought her permission to share it – and I’m both grateful and delighted that she said ‘yes’!

Although I was pleased with how this turned out – I think the main thing it demonstrates is probably how much I more than most could benefit from this course!!

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