A great start to the Artists Open Houses!

What an eventful first week of this year’s Brighton Artists Open Houses it’s been! In the hope there’s some truth in adage that a picture speaks a thousand words – I’m going to go over with the photos and easy on the words!

The events started last Thursday evening with two private views at opposite ends of town! First up was the opening of This is the Seventh Wave at The Regency Town House. Here I am next to my painting Brighton Beach at Sunrise:

Me and my painting

I especially loved the thought and consideration that went into the hanging and presentation of this exhibition. It was great, for instance, to see this little intimate painting paired alongside Dee Ferris’s sublime, large scale painting, Love is the seventh wave.

The push and pull of these two paintings!

It was wonderful to experience how one painting pushes you away while the other draws you closer.

It was a wonderful bonus for me that this little painting sold over the opening weekend!

Brighton beach at sunrise – sold

The exhibition continues this weekend, from Friday 10 – Sunday 12 May, from 11am – 5pm and, should anyone be interested, this painting is still available:

Sunrise at Brighton beach

A quick trip in the car across town followed to get to Jane Palmer and Friends Artists Open House. It was a delightfully busy and buzzy evening, crowned for me by the sale of this painting, Waterlogged:

Waterlogged – sold

Following the private view, I was back again on Saturday, when we were blessed with the most glorious weather – which meant I could spend the day painting in the garden and chatting to visitors as they passed through.

Me, blending seamlessly into the background!

I had hoped to paint at least two paintings, and maybe even three, but I was having such a lovely time chatting to people that I only ended up with one painting, of the catamarans of Brighton Sailing Club on the beach in the morning light.

And here’s the finished painting, which turned out much better than I anticipated it might have!

Brighton Sailing Club catamaran’s on Brighton beach

All in all, it was a wonderful start to the Artists Open Houses season and I really hope that it continues over the coming weeks!

Weather permitting, I’ll next painting at Jane Palmer and Friends on Saturday 18th May, from 11am – 5pm.

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