This is the Seventh Wave

For the first two weekends in May, Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th and Friday 10th – Sunday 12, from 11am – 5pm, I’ll have a few paintings showing in a curated group show entitled This is the Seventh Wave as part of Brighton Festival’s Artists Open Houses.

The venue for the exhibition is the wonderful Regency Townhouse in beautiful Brunswick Square, Hove – a venue worth visiting in it’s own right, even before you throw in the exhibition!

I must admit to feeling a little out of my depth on this one! As I say, it’s a curated exhibition and some of the artists involved are officially, ‘proper’ artists!

Here’s some of the exhibition text:

‘This Is The Seventh Wave is a hopeful show about transformation and belonging, which brings together a group of international but locally-based artists for whom the sea, and specifically the sea of Brighton and Hove, has come to constitute a strong source for creation and dialogue.

Referring to the idea that in a set of waves, the seventh one will always be the strongest, it offers up the ocean as a site for (human and more-than-human) collaboration and connection, not only a place of reflection and becoming, but a call to action on issues such as climate futures/pasts, migration and sustainability.

The sea, and the experience of being-in-the-sea/being close-to-the-sea is presented, in a diverse range of forms, as a liminal and inclusive space/experience, a practice which encompasses multifarious narratives and textures.’

You can find out all about the exhibition and the other artists featured here This is the Seventh Wave.

Here are the two paintings of Brighton beach at sunrise that have been selected for this exhibition:

It will be interesting to see how my work holds up against some of the other works because, in size alone, they’ll be dwarfed by many of the other works featured in the exhibition!

I’ll share images from the exhibition with you next week! What with this exhibition, my other Artists Open House, Jane Palmer and Friends, (where I’ll be doing two full days of painting on the 4th and 11th) it’s going to be a very busy month of May!

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