Brighton beach at sunrise

I’m not sure if anyone’s heard of the 100 day cough (I must admit that today was the first I’d ever heard of it) but if it does exist, and if I have succumbed to it… then I’m only on day two and feel absolutely terrible!

It’s hit me at a particularly bad time when I’ve got such a busy month ahead of me and so much to do – but then that’s so often the case.

What it means as I sit down to write this post however, is that it will be mercifully brief!

I thought I’d just share this painting that turned out considerably better than I’d expected.

Brighton beach at sunrise

For reasons far too dull to go into, I found myself temporarily separated from my usual collection of drawing boards.

It seemed like a good opportunity to try out something that heard about and seen others do, but hadn’t yet experimented myself.

Without my usual boards I decided to try not taping the paper down to a board, but instead, I wet the back of the paper thoroughly, applied this to a surface, in this case a big wooden bread board (sometimes needs must!) and then thoroughly wet the front of the paper.

Because the paper was equally wet on both sides, it remained totally flat, and the moisture on the back secured it to the board.

Because the paper was so wet, it allowed me to spend a lot more time working on the sky than would otherwise have been the case. It did still require a lot of concentration to manage the moisture in the paper, and the intensity of the paint (knowing that with so much moisture on the paper, it would dry a lot lighter) but it was great fun!

Once I’d done the sky, I left it all to dry out, and it still remained completely flat! With the sky done, it was just a case of working my way down the rest of the painting.

This is definitely an approach I’ll be using again, especially when there’s a need to work wet in wet for a long period of time. I’m already looking forward to experimenting with some more big sky paintings!

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