Happy Easter (belatedly) watercolour paintings

I’m going to have to ask for your apologies in advance today as I’m currently away on holiday and trying my best to minimise my screen time!

In the hope I can mitigate a lack of words with an excess of paintings… here’s a few recent efforts.

My first offering feels like a reaction to last week’s self portrait! After so much time layering on washes, I think I just needed to free up a little bit. I stumbled across a photo that really seemed to ask me to paint it; so I did:

Victoria Fountain, Brighton

I really enjoyed painting this, though I think this was mainly because it felt so liberating!

Next up is a rare plein air adventure, which I think is my first of the year! In news that I’ll expand on more shortly, I had to be in this area of town for a little interview that I’d been asked to participate in.

First up was a little A5 sketch to work a few things out:

Plein-air, Blaker’s Park, Brighton
A5 sketch, Blaker’s Park, Brighton

This was followed by a slightly larger effort:

I had to keep reminding myself that this was more about the interview and filming than about the outcome of my painting but it served as a great reminder about the joys and challenges of plein air painting.

As it was a long weekend over Easter, I also managed to squeeze in a lovely walk from Devil’s Dyke to Saddlescombe Farm, where we were able to get some nice refreshments, along with this lovely little view along one of the farm’s tracks.

Saddlescombe Farm, East Sussex

This is obviously quite a simple scene but it felt like a good challenge too. When a view is as simple as this, it focusses the attention on the accuracy of what there is to see! I was particularly keen to try to capture the values and variety in the shadows of the barn wall on the left and the shadows cast across the track.

For such a simple painting, I was pretty pleased with how this turned out.

We’re currently spending a few days away in the delightful little town of Lyme Regis in Dorset and I’m hopeful that I’ll return feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired!

In the meantime, I hope that others have also managed to have a little bit of a break over Easter.

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