International Day of Happiness

Did anyone else know that today, the 20th March, is the International Day of Happiness? I certainly didn’t until I heard it mentioned on the radio this morning.

It was particularly timely because I’m a little fraught at the moment – nothing to do with my family or painting or anything (the really important stuff), but all to do with life beyond painting and family! So to be reminded to reflect on my happiness came at a good time – and it chimed nicely with the very enjoyable Private View of the SPRING at Gallery 35 North that I attended last Thursday evening.

Here’s a little collection of snaps from the Private View at Gallery 35 North.

I’ve only focussed on my works here but I was really pleased to find myself in such good company! The others artistes are all great and, to have four works from each artist makes it (in my humble opinion) a lovely sized exhibition – like a little espresso shot of culture

The exhibition continues every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 11am – 5.30pm until the end of Saturday 27th April.

Recalling the Private View, and my love for watercolour painting was a very salient and timely reminder about what makes me happy! I hope that everyone had/has the opportunity to reflect for a moment on what makes you happy!?

Thoughts on International Day of Happiness

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