A grey day watercolour painting

It feels as if there’s been so many grey days of late – so much so it’s obviously beginning to affect my painting!

Here’s a quick tonal sketch of this week’s subject choice:

Tonal sketch

And here’s how it translated into a painting!

Grey day watercolour painting

This was done pretty quickly and, I think, is none the worse for that!

It’s a long way from my usual contre-jour/looking into the light choice of subject but it’s good to try something different every now and then!

On a totally different subject… as I’m writing this I’m also feeling increasingly apprehensive! This is my last post become the Royal Institute for Painters in Watercolour makes it announcement on selected works for this year’s exhibition.

It’s a familiar and funny conundrum of a feeling. All the time that you’re waiting for news of the decision, you’re still in with a chance, which is great and, a far better feeling than receiving the usual rejection notification! But, it pales in comparison to how great it feels to receive the notification that you’ve been accepted!

Fortunately I don’t have too long to wait. I should hear sometime on Friday!

Thoughts on A grey day watercolour painting

6 thoughts on “A grey day watercolour painting”

  1. First of all: of course we’ll both get in! (It’s “Institute” by the way).
    Second: you really are becoming a bit of a master of your medium, you know. A very professional and relaxed piece of painting. My only observation is that you don’t seem to replicate your tonal study in the final painting; I’m thinking about the darkest darks in your study, which aren’t there in the final version. (I just love to keep you on your toes).

    1. Hi Rob and thanks for all of this! I shall correct my ‘institute’ error straight away but will undoubtedly be blaming my looming rejection on this transgression! As for the tonal sketches… you’re quite right – some bear much closer resemblance to the final painting than others. In this case, the sketch was probably closer to my original photo which was very dark – and when I started painting I thought that by trying to go so dark might not work so well. I’m finding the sketches really helpful for working out colour mixes as I do them and for working out ‘what’s most important’. When I start painting, the sketch is helpful but the painting usually ends up taking on a life of its own. Good luck for today’s announcement Rob – my fingers are crossed for both of us!

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