Fabriano Acquarello 2024 Selection Success!

Delighted to share the news that I’ve once again been selected to represent England and Wales at this year’s Fabriano Acquarello in Watercolor Convention in Bologna, Italy.

This is the third year running now that I’ve been selected and it remains a wonderful (and still hugely bizarre) honor to be representing my country in any shape or form!

Here’s the notification / roll call of artists that have been selected this year:

The England and Wales roll call

And here’s the painting that has been selected and will shortly be winging its way to Bologna:

75 Holland Road Hove, aka Palmeira Yard

The exhibition will be on show in Bologna from April 27th to June 25th before moving to Fort Worth in Texas from October 14th, which is pretty amazing!

In other news, here’s a quick tonal sketch ahead of my next painting!

Tonal sketch for a walk in the park

And here’s the painting that followed:

A walk in the park

For quite a simple composition, I was pleased with how this turned out and liked the variety of the different trees as the seasons change.

The view is of Stanmer Park, just on the outskirts of Brighton and, one of our most familiar and favourite locations for weekend walks with the dog.

And finally…

After all my headlong rushing around last week in an effort to meet the deadline for the Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour exhibition… the organisers only went and extended the deadline by an entire week!

Unfortunately, I only found this out after I’d pressed the submit button on my application. Had I seen this in advance, I’d have liked to have done a better job of photographing my work, but this is just the luxury of hindsight.

There is a silver lining to this, however, in so much as it’s incredibly rare that I’ve ever submitted work an entire week before a deadline!

The other silver lining is that I’ll only have another week after this Friday to find out the results of the selection panel’s deliberations!

Thoughts on Fabriano Acquarello 2024 Selection Success!

6 thoughts on “Fabriano Acquarello 2024 Selection Success!”

  1. Congratulations in order again, John; this is becoming a habit. I also notice that you have perfected a great restrained and convincing grassy green, which isn’t easy. It makes your paintings very calming. ps I confirmed my entry this very morning.

    1. Ah Rob, thanks so much for this and I’m delighted that you’ve submitted. I put four in this year, but realistically, I could probably have saved myself £40 and only two in. I think you have a great chance – I don’t see anyone doing what you do with watercolour (and certainly not so skilfully). I’ve probably jinxed both of us though just by imagining how nice it would be if we were both at the Private View!!

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