The British Art Prize 2023 and a work in progress

A brief post this week, but not an insignificant one!

The British Art Prize exhibition opened today at the Gallery Oxo on London’s Southbank! The exhibition will only be open until Sunday 21st January but, in such a prominent location I’m hopeful that there’ll be a decent footfall!

Here’s one of the social media friendly bits of promo that has been supplied to help raise awareness about the exhibition:

The private view will be tomorrow evening and I’m really looking forward to seeing the entire exhibition, and have my fingers firmly crossed that my painting doesn’t look too out of place amongst all the other works!

I’m also hopeful that I’ll get to meet some of the other selected artists which would be a rare treat!

Work in progress

I haven’t shared a ‘work in progress’ painting for quite a long time now, and I’m afraid the only reason I’m doing so now is because I haven’t quite found the time to finish this one!

First up though is the quick value study that I’m trying to make more of a habit of starting with before I being painting:

Quick value study

Even when I look at this, I find it a little challenging to discern exactly what this scene might be, but I nevertheless found it helpful before I picked up my brushes.

Here’s the very outline pencil sketch
After the first wash
Adding in the mid value tones
And finally the darkest tones

Hopefully this painting is a little more clear to discern than my original value study! I reached this point as the light was deteriorating, and had every intention to finish it, but just haven’t been able to find the right moment!

I’m also a little nervous too about exactly how to finish it! I think it’s 99% complete, and the main area that requires a little bit more attention is the foreground.

My plan is to first splatter a little bit of very dark paint, followed by a splattering of titanium white across the foreground to create the texture and impression of light catching the muddy surface of the track.

I’d also like to reserve the right to completely change my mind with this course of action (partly I daresay in response to any feedback I get to this suggestion!!)

Whatever happens, I’ll share the finished effort next time!

Thoughts on The British Art Prize 2023 and a work in progress

4 thoughts on “The British Art Prize 2023 and a work in progress”

  1. Anna from Iceland

    Congrats, not in England at the right time! Might see you in Italy at the Fabriano exhibition, in case both of us go there.

    1. Ah Anna – meeting in Bologna would be amazing wouldn’t it! (Though sadly I already know it’s unlikely to be this year due to the usual work and family commitments!) – was your entry selected?

  2. John, congratulations on your show. I hope your paintings are a big hit. Your work in progress is beautiful. I find it fascinating to see the progress of the painting. Very cool!

    1. Hi Tim and thanks for this! It was great for me to see my work in that ‘proper’ gallery setting (and has given me an appetite for more too!). So pleased you like the WIP photos, I should try to do them more often but I usually get far too carried away painting and forget!

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