My ‘not’ New Year resolutions for 2024!

First off, here’s a quick update on my ivories! Last week I was bemoaning the tooth that I cracked last Wednesday that I fully predicted would need removing entirely.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it turns out I’m no dentist! Apparently, despite losing most of the tooth, there’s enough of it left for me to have a crown fitted. This is obviously great news, although the enormous bill, plus the prospect of an hour of root canal treatment wasn’t exactly an ideal birthday present!

Yes, last Thursday marked the passing of another year! I’m sure you’ll understand that, at my not-so-tender age, and occurring at this time of year, I rarely get too excited about my birthday – but there is sometimes the prospect of a new brush!

Here’s what I was treated to this year, an Escoda Ultimo Evolution!

Happy birthday to me!

You can see, and find out more about this brush via this Jackson’s Art Materials review.

I can’t deny it, it’s a thing of beauty and feels great in the hand. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get going with this – but first, a value sketch:

My Sakura Pigma brush pens and notebook
My value study

I’m indebted to the artist Charles Evans, whom I follow on Twitter, or X if you prefer, as Charles shared the photo that inspired me this week, and gave his permission for me to share my endeavours.

Here’s where the value studies and my new brush led me:


I’m really pleased with how this turned out and how much I enjoyed playing with my new brush!

As for the subject of this post, my ‘not’ New Year resolutions – well, I’ve been wracking my brains for what more I can possibly ‘fit in’ time-wise!

What I’ve realised is that rather than resolving to do more of this, or less of that, when it comes to my paintings, the only resolution I need is to try to keep it up! I had a great year last year and I think the challenge this year is to just try to carry on!

I’m hopeful that this will include continuing to join the Brighton Painting Group plein air meet-ups when I can, and I’d really like to join one or two of the London gatherings, too. I’d like to carry on saying ‘yes’ to things, from entering ‘Open’ submission exhibitions to exploring opportunities to exhibit my work. But most importantly, I think I just need to keep on painting, and painting and, when I’m done, to do some more painting maybe!

If I have any more imaginative ideas, I’ll be sure to update you here. In the meantime, I hope that you’re able to remain steadfast to whatever resolutions you may have set for yourself this year!

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