Shortlisted for the British Art Prize 2023!

In a genuinely unexpected turn of events my watercolour painting;, ‘Take me to the river’ is one of only fifty paintings – in all media – selected for the 2023 British Art Prize!

Take me to the river

News of this success came as such a surprise because I’d totally forgotten that I’d entered for this opportunity! I do recall it being a very last minute, just before the deadline act of ‘nothing to lose’ opportunism, but beyond that – once I’d submitted my entries, I didn’t give it another thought!

The prize is organised by The Artist and Illustrator magazine and I’m indebted to the illustrious selection panel, which comprised of:

Adebanji Alade, President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and BBC One Show Presenter – better known by many as the Addictive Sketcher

Tom Croft, the artist behind Portraits for NHS Heroes

Sarah Graham, renowned British oil artist

Leigh Francis, aka Keith Lemon

and Suzanne Steele of Adobe and headline sponsor of the prize.

I’m sure that I’ll have more news on this to share in due course, but right now I’m still in a state of shock!

There will be an exhibition of all 50 selected works at London’s Oxo Gallery in January 2024, but right now, voting is open for ‘The people’s choice award’.

You can see all 50 of the selected works and vote for your favourite via the link below – and naturally I’d be thrilled if any of you were willing to cast your vote in my direction!

Click on this image to vote now!

Whoop whoop! I really am still pinching myself!

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15 thoughts on “Shortlisted for the British Art Prize 2023!”

    1. Wow, Anna, so nice to see your name pop up in the comments! I really hope that you’re well and enjoying the festive season. I was so pleased to see that Alvaro visited you! I have such fond memories of our weekend in Cambridge!

  1. I loved that painting. So glad you entered it and a deserved recognition.

    Didn’t you sell that painting? Will you have to get it back to send it to the exhibition or whatever they are having?

    Voted and confirmed.

    1. Oh thanks so much for this Mary! Really kind of you, tho you did also send me into a bit of a panic worrying about whether I’d already sold it or not! Took me a few minutes to work out that it’s been exhibited a few times, and I think I did sell a much smaller preparatory study but this half sheet version is still framed up and in storage. Thanks so much for voting, I really appreciate it!

  2. Toutes mes félicitations John pour cette invitation. A n’en pas douter, ta rivière emportera tous les jurys vers une sélection. Ton travail au fil des années a permis ce merveilleux résultat. Ta maîtrise des contrastes, le jeu des ombres, des clairs-obscurs, font toute la différence, sur les œuvres en compétition. Mon vote pour la rivière.
    Bien amicalement Serge

  3. Justified selection John! Your dedication is paying off as is your creativity. Well done!
    I have looked through all fifty paintings and they are all superb, I’d hate to be a judge.
    However I did vote for one exceptional watercolour, it has a river running through it.
    Cheers Barry

    1. Ah, thank you so much for the kind comments Barry, and for taking the time to look at the other entries and vote. I can’t quite imagine which painting you’re referring too, but it’s great that you’ve taken part and had your say! So far I’ve earmarked two or three of them that I think are particularly outstanding so will be interested to see what the judges decide. (I should hasten to add that mine isn’t one of them, but it’s great that I’m keeping such good company!)

    1. Thanks so much for this Brian, much appreciated and hope that all’s well with you! (I still keep meaning to follow your example on Artfinder but not getting round to it! shall most likely be adding this to my long list of New Year resolutions!)

  4. Patricia Robinson

    You clever, brilliant soul!! Well done, and much deserved. Such a journey you’ve made since I first found you with the Frazer Price paintbox; I’ve been astonished how your art has developed over the years – in leaps and bounds! All the best, Pat

    1. Oh, thanks so much for this Patricia! Really kind and generous comments but you’re right, it does make one stop and think about quite what a journey it’s already been, and I still feel like I’ve only just started out on it even though it’s already been years and years! Thanks again for your support and good wishes!

  5. Congratulations John, I look forward to hearing about the judging and hopefully some good news!
    It’s a fine painting, it should do well.

    1. Hi Drew and thanks so much for this! I think I’ll be quite happy to settle for having been selected! When I saw how strong the other paintings are that have been selected I was just pleased to be amongst them!

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