Sol de Nit, Barcelona, watercolour painting

Continuing with last week’s theme and my enduring enthusiasm for bars, this week’s effort sees me revisit one of my favourite bars in Barcelona, Sol de Nit:

Interior view of the bar Sol de Nit, in Barcelona

We first came across this bar when exploring Barcelona around Easter time in 2017. My affection for this bar is largely based on memories and associations. I remember that we stopped for a cheeky late morning beer. The place was pretty empty at the time and the music was great, and while I can’t remember specifics, I do remember thinking that this was brilliant! The light was streaming in and I managed to get quite a few pictures. This is the first painting I did of this view, though I didn’t paint this until 2020, three years after our visit:

Sol de Nit, painted in 2020

Not that long after painting this effort, I did another one from the same set of reference photos. I remember that I wanted to capture something altogether warmer. My first effort was very blue and far too cool in temperature.

Sol de Nit, painted early 2021

This one was much warmer and, I think more successful as a result.

At this point, I still had no idea what this bar was called, or indeed where it was in Barcelona!

When we returned to Barcelona in 2022, we retraced out steps to find this very spot, in Plaza del Sol. Not only did we find the bar, but we also got to meet the owner, and Mattias, the barman that features in these paintings!

Needless to say we enjoyed some more drinks here, though the photos I got on this occasion weren’t anywhere near as good as on our 2017 trip!

Maybe it’s because I have such fond memories of this bar (and Barcelona) that I feel affectionate about each of these paintings, but I think each one offers something slightly different.

I think they also chart my progression as a painter. I do like the ‘warmer’ painting I did in 2021, but I think this most recent effort slightly edges it, but I’d love to hear what others think – which if any do you prefer?

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6 thoughts on “Sol de Nit, Barcelona, watercolour painting”

  1. Patricia Robinson

    You’re right, John; the three paintings show how you’ve grown as an artist. What a great collection! I wonder what the next version will be like…

    1. Thanks so much for this Patricia, I really appreciate this. As for the next version, I have absolutely no idea! I can’t help thinking that I may have exhausted this subject but keep finding myself drawn back to it!

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