Halloween watercolour painting

We have an annual Halloween tradition that involves visiting a pumpkin field in Poynings, East Sussex, to choose our pumpkins.

The weather these past few weeks has been pretty atrocious, so our visit kept being postponed until it couldn’t be put off any longer!

This meant that by the time we did visit, the field was a muddy mire, and it seemed like the pick of the pumkins had already been snapped up.

Fortunately, when we did visit, there was a brief break in the rain when the sun did manage to break though for a brief period and I managed to get a few pictures to play around with once I got home.

Here’s how I got on:

Poynings pumpkin patch 2023

Although this was only supposed to be a quick sketch, I found it quite a battle to pull it together and can’t say that I particularly enjoyed painting this. I am however pleased that I persevered with it and, now that day or two has passed since painting it, I feel much more positive about it.

I didn’t manage to accurately capture quite how miserably muddy it was, you’ll just have to take my word for that, but apart from this, it does capture some of the atmosphere of the day.

What I did enjoy more as I did it, was carving this year’0s creation with the pumpkin we got:

Carved pumpkin creation

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Halloween, and, for those reading in the UK, that you’re all tucked up safe and sound ahead of the full force arrival of Storm Ciaran.

Thoughts on Halloween watercolour painting

3 thoughts on “Halloween watercolour painting”

  1. Thanks John! That’s a cool painting and a very cool pumpkin you carved. You will probably laugh at me for this, but I didn’t know that Halloween was a thing in the UK.

    I was picturing the sloppy mud from your description. Glad you got to do your traditional pumpkin hunt. I am looking forward to more of your paintings.

    Hope your Halloween was fun!

    1. Hi Tim, good to hear from you and many thanks for this. I think it’s true to say that Halloween is much bigger here than it ever was when I was young! I can’t deny a healthy degree of cycnicism as it seems to be more about where profits can be made than anything else but it’s definitely become a big part of my daughter’s annual events calendar and it would be a bit churlish of me not to join in! My favourite part of it though is always the visit to the pumpkin field (and carving it too!)
      Hope all’s well with you?

      1. Thanks John. Yes, keeping too busy with work. I am nearing retirement age. and have been trying for the psat two years to cut back to not working Fridays. So far, it hasn’t been working. But I do get out from time to time to do the photography. That work-life balance is challenging when you’re self-employed. 😉

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