No shadows watercolour painting!

It’s been another tricky week for painting! The combination of putting my back out again (fortunately not as badly as a few years ago), along with it being my daughters’ 12th birthday (and everything that entails) has put painting way down the agenda.

As I’m sure many followers of my painting progress will know, I’m especially attracted to shadows and contrasts. I’d go as far as to say that without a bright source of light and strongly cast shadows, I struggle to get excited about a subject, and this isn’t a great position in which to find myself!

I think that’s why this week’s subject caught my interest. It’s an image that a friend shared a while ago. What I liked about it was that although the light was flat, it still had a sense of drama and, while there wasn’t a strong source of sunlight, there were some great contrasts between the lights of the wet road, and the darks of the hedgerows.

I’m not sure that I managed to do the image justice but, even though I struggled with this much more that I’d like to admit, I was pleased to see it through.

A flat light painting…

I’m delighted to report that my daughter’s birthday party and sleepover was a great success (especially if you judge success by the amount of clearing up that needs to be done!) and that with anti-inflammatories and stretches, my back is recovering day by day.

Hopefully I’ll be able to return to a more dedicated painting routine soon.

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2 thoughts on “No shadows watercolour painting!”

  1. Sorry to hear about your back, John. I can empathise. Another lovely painting but it’s lucky you warned us about the lighting; I might not have recognised it as one of yours! And what happened to the portraits? I was expecting you to head off down that route a few weeks ago. Get well soon and best wishes to your growing daughter.

    1. Hi Rob and many thanks for this. Glad to say that my back is gradually improving – now have a standing desk at work and at home (and have always stood to paint!) which is all proving helpful – if only I could find any joy in the stretches I’m supposed to be doing on a daily basis!! I’m feeling very unfocussed in my painting at the moment and am struggling to get any momentum or much enthusiasm together, hence me butterflying around even more than usual between landscapes, portraits, interiors etc – sometimes feels like I’m just scrabbling around a bit just in order to keep painting!

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