Some watercolour faces…

Opportunities for painting have been thin on the ground of late as I’ve had to make a few strictly ‘non-painting’ trips away!

Here though are a few little diversions that I’ve enjoyed of late! After all the various paintings of trees that I’ve been working on recently, I knew that I was keen for a change.

I came across a photograph posted on instagram by a dear friend which really caught my attention… and surprisingly, it was of a person!

The man from Logrono

And here’s my quick A4 sketch based on this image:

I really enjoyed painting this and, I was so pleased with the result that, I thought I’d try something similar:

Man with a beard

Sadly this one is a little overworked, but I enjoyed painting it and feel that every time I try a portrait (though that feels a little grand) – I learn such a lot.

Hopefully I’ll have a little more to show this time next week!

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