Danny House Exhibition 2023

I’m delighted to report that the Danny House exhibition was a great success! It was a busy weekend, with lots of visitors and, I’m pleased to share, quite a few sales too!

Here’s how my display looked once I’d finished setting up:

Because of the ‘tree’ theme, and the range of works I had available, I was only able to display my largest works and my smallest works, though lots of other works and sizes were available in the browser.

The exhibition opened on Saturday morning, and the Private View took place later in the evening and attracted quite a crowd.

While some of my larger works attracted many compliments, especially ‘Take me to the River’ and ‘Country Lane near Rodmell, East Sussex’…

…it was definitely the smaller and more modestly priced works that had the greatest appeal to buyers!

I sold six in total, four framed ones that were on display and two from the browser. Here are five of those that sold (I can’t find a picture of the sixth one!)

What I especially enjoy about these occasions is the opportunity to meet people and talk to them (or in some instances just eavesdrop on conversations!) about my work.

A particular standout on this occasion was a lady who bought three of my ‘forest light’ paintings! It was her 60th birthday this year, which she shared with two of her closest friends. They all love the outdoors and she bought one for herself and one for each of her friends to celebrate their sixtieth year and their enduring friendships, which I though was such a lovely idea.

I also spent the day at Danny House on Sunday, where, as usual on these occasions, I decided to pass my time by doing some painting. I did two paintings, and I’m sorry to say that they were both pretty poor!

I was pleased to be painting, but I was disappointed with my efforts. I’m happy to take this one on the chin though! I learnt quite a few things along the way, and I still think it’s nice for people to be able to see someone splashing a bit of paint about at these events!

Another most enjoyable aspect of this exhibition was spending time in the company of other artists! Everyone was lovely and it was great that everyone was happy to share their advice and experiences, both good and bad!

The set up on Friday, private view on Saturday, all-day painting on Sunday, followed by taking the exhibition down on Sunday evening did take its toll on me, though! I was shattered on Monday morning, which is never a great way to start the week!

A few days on and I’m just about caught up on my sleep and am enjoying the fact that I don’t have any other exhibition commitments in the diary. What I am really looking forward to now is a return to painting, which I feel has had to take a back seat in the past few weeks!

Thoughts on Danny House Exhibition 2023

8 thoughts on “Danny House Exhibition 2023”

  1. Congratulations on the show and your sales. Take me to the River and Country Lane were my two favorites. Glad one of them found a nice home. What a lovely celebration of shared 60th years to each have a lovely original watercolor of a subject they all share a passion for. Your display was really nice. I just paid the balance on my Zbukvic workshop so I guess that is what I am giving myself this year for my birthday.

    1. Thanks so much Mary, much appreciated! How very exciting for you about the Zbukvic workshop. It’s a certainly a wonderful birthday present to be able to gift yourself and I’m sure you’ll learn so much from the experience – when’s it due to happen?

      1. November 4-6 at the San Diego Watercolor Society. 9am – 3:30. I had to sign up for it probably six months in advance. The minute I saw it I was on it. There is a long waiting list and I was lucky to get a spot. I am already getting my palette and materials together in anticipation.

        1. November’s just around the corner so you’ll be on that workshop in no time at all! You did well to get a place as I often see his workshops being advertised for what seems like years in advance and selling out straight away! I’ve got his book and a quite a few of his DVDs but they’re no substitute for seeing him paint live – I’m sure it’ll be a fabulous experience!

  2. Congratulations on your sales John…always a thrill when people are happy to spend their hard earned money on one’s works 😊 Enjoy a break now….oh and happy painting when the fire starts up again! 🥰!

    1. Thanks so much Carole and yes, it’s such a tremendout compliment when anyone buys one’s work! I really am looking forward to focussing back onto painting again – not quite sure what my next subject will be but I think I need a change from trees for a bit!

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