Sussex Watercolour Society exhibition – Linklater Pavilion, Lewes

Well, this has come around amazingly quickly! No sooner have I returned from my latest camping trip…

The wide open views from my latest camping adventure!

…and I only have one day to get everything ready for Friday’s opening! It’s all feeling rather frenetic! My recent vacation was a treat, although it afforded no time whatsoever for painting!

This weeks post is all about this weekend’s exhibition with the Sussex Watercolour Society. Below is the front and back of this year’s exhibition flyer, which contains all of the relevant details for this year’s exhibition:

I’m hoping to be there for the private view on Friday evening, and for most of the day on Sunday.

If anyone’s in the vicinity, it would be lovely if to see a friendly face or two, so please do drop by! I’ll be sure to write up how it all goes for next week!

Thoughts on Sussex Watercolour Society exhibition – Linklater Pavilion, Lewes

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