A wholly restorative camping trip!

I’m still clinging on to the rest, relaxation and recuperation that last weeks’ camping trip delivered!

I love my camping – as many will know – but this trip surpassed my expectations – partly because we booked it so late and I was assuming the campsite would be overflowing!

Here’s the view we had from our tent!

Not a bad view to wake up to!

For most our time, we had this forest area to ourselves – and when it did fill up on Friday night (with what the campsite owners described as ‘weekend warriors’) it suddenly felt like Picadilly Circus!

I didn’t manage to get as much sketching done as I would have liked, but here’re are a few little ditties that I did during our stay:

So nice to be sketching on location!

And a closer up version of this A5 study, (which was my pick of the bunch!)

Sunlit moss on the trees
The crooked tree
Littlehampton harbour

I’m due on another little camping sojourn next week so am keeping my fingers crossed for a similarly restorative experience then too! (Though at the moment, I’m struggling to find a site that can accommodate us!)

Thoughts on A wholly restorative camping trip!

3 thoughts on “A wholly restorative camping trip!”

  1. I envy you, John, but unfortunately my body won’t put up with sleeping on hard ground any more. But with age comes a certain wisdom and this wisdom tells me that you sketches are very very good and that your dog had a good time, too.

    1. Haha, I tend to agree with Rob but we have recently invested in some extortionately expensive air beds that have made a world of difference! Really appreciate the comments about the sketches, I do quite enjoy doing these and often find that they’re much more successful than my larger efforts!

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