Recuperation watercolour painting

Since last week’s post I’ve been a bit under the weather in more ways than one (and that’s before you include the decidedly unseasonal English summer!)

The main think that burdened me was one of those pesky colds that leaves you feeling completely sapped of energy and totally listless. I spent most of the weekend taking any and every opportunity to lie down and have a snooze! Sometimes you just have to listen to your body and go with it!

One of the consequences of this was that I had precious little time, and even less enthusiasm for painting.

This is all a bit of a prelude to explaining why I’ve done something that I haven’t done for a while. My lack of enthusiasm didn’t stop me leafing through a few books for inspiration however and one in particular caught my attention.

I’m sure it won’t come as surprise to most that know me but that book that caught my eye was Alvaro Castagnet’s ‘Watercolour Masterclass – understanding the 4 pillars of watercolour’

For fans of his work, it’s full of examples of his paintings, along with eight step by step demonstrations. And this is were I sought some recuperative solace and comfort!

This was based on Demonstration number 7, Soller City, Mallorca:

Soller City, Mallorca, following a demonstration by Alvaro Castagnet

This was based on a four step demonstration painting with explanations:

  • The drawing
  • Wet, wet and wet
  • Balancing warm and cool
  • Pulling the painting together

I was quite pleased with some elements of this, but mainly, I was quite pleased just to have mustered up with will to paint anything!

Delighted to report that I’m already feeling much more chipper now – though I’m still struggling a little with what to paint next!

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