So good to paint again!

Well last week’s private views all seemed to go well, even if I couldn’t be at both of them!

Here’s a photo of yours truly with the two paintings that were selected for the Atelier by the Sea Open exhibition:

Donning my best private view attire!

And, some four and half hours drive away, I was indebted to two artists for answering my call for help! Many thanks to Alice Hole and Matthew Eastmond who both took photographs of my work in the TALP Open 2023 exhibition:

My painting of frosted fields nr Clayton on top
Keeping good company in the corner of a room!

After what feels like months away from painting, though if we take sketchbook work into account, is only a few days, it was great to do a proper bit of painting again!

I can’t deny that I felt a bit apprehensive as it did feel like I’ve been away from painting for quite while. This is one of the reasons why I hedged my bets and went for a quarter sheet painting, which is smaller that I’ve been working of late.

Here’s how I got on:

Streat lane, East Sussex

As much as I enjoyed painting this – and was initially happy with the outcome, I’ve already decided to have another bash at this one!

I think I got a little lazy/carried away with some of the darks and the shadows and feel that, overall, I could introduce more colour and subtlety throughout! My plan is to try this one again and see if I can make any improvements!

Brighton painting group

This Saturday see’s another meeting of the Brighton Painting Group and the location will is as iconically Brighton as you can get!

This is what I’ll be up against on Saturday!

We’ll be gathering on the east side of pier at 10am before dispersing to find our locations. Do feel free to join in if you’re in the vicinity!

It should be an interesting day – not least because it’s likely it be the most busy environment that I’ve ever painted in!

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