Does anyone have a Tardis I can borrow?

So here’s a conundrum!

Tomorrow night I have two private views to get to that have my paintings in them, AND attend a performance of Aladdin that my daughter features in! I’ve been wracking my brain about this, and, without the Tardis, there’s no way I can fit them all in!

This painting will be on display at Patchings Arts Centre as part of the TALP Open 2023 exhibition:

And these two will be on display at Atelier Beside the Sea as part of their Open 2023 exhibition:

It’s been yet another odd week for watercolour painting, in so much that there’s been precious little time for it!

…and I’m afraid I don’t have any images of my daughter’s production of Aladdin!

With all my efforts spent on getting the two paintings ready for the Atelier Beside the Sea Open, I’ve once again had precious little time for painting! Instead – (but by no means as satisfying, I shared a little reel on Instagram to celebrate the delivery:

And here’s another one to show how one of my recent woodland sketches looks with a mount on it:

I know I’ve been promising this for some weeks now, but I’m really hopeful that I’ll soon be able to turn my attention back to painting, instead o my focus being on lots of things that are related to it, but don’t really include getting my brushes dirty!

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4 thoughts on “Does anyone have a Tardis I can borrow?”

  1. I sympathise. Just taken part in 2 exhibitions 20 minutes apart on the same weekend where I was also supposed to be helping to set up and take down at both! As for your trilemma, Aladdin wins every time – of course! (More fun, too!!)

    1. Ah, so you know all about my situation! At least you had the wisdom to keep your competing commitments close by! While I’m delighted to have been selected for the TALP exhibition, there’s no way I can justify the time/money for transport and accommodation – just to see my painting in-situ! Fortunately, Aladdin and the Atelier Open aren’t too far from each other so I should be able to fit them both in with a bit of a dash in-between! Ironic really because for just about every other night of the year I don’t have any commitments whatsoever!

  2. John, sadly I loaned my Tardis to the butler, but I will say these are some fine paintings! I always enjoy the relative simplicity of your compositions and the complexity contained within their parts – if that makes any sense. Your work is always a pleasure and I am so happy that you are getting into shows and competitions. Meanwhile – glad, too, you are off to see your daughter in Aladdin! I am sure that is as much fun as getting into shows.

    1. Oh thanks so much for this, which is all really kind of you! Yes, the relative simplicity of the compositions and the complexity within does totally make sense to me! I can’t say it’s something that I intentionally set out to achieve, but I do also see this in some of the final results! As for Aladdin, it should be a delightful occasion – it’ll be then final big public event before she leaves junior school and the whole year group are involved so I think they’re all keen to go out on a high!

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