More good exhibition selection news!!

Atelier by the Sea Open Exhibition 2023

Delighted to share the news that the two paintings below have both been selected for the Atelier by the Sea Open Exhibition 2023. I was fortunate to have two paintings selected for this exhibition last year, and I’m really pleased to have the opportunity to show my work there again.

Atelier by the Sea is situated right on Brighton’s seafront between the two piers. It’s a wonderful location and the exhibition, which runs from 14 July to the 3rd of September, will be seen by a huge number of residents, and most likely even more visitors to our fair city!

Country lane near Rodmell, East Sussex

Apparently, there were over 850 entries, and about 250 works have been selected. The show doesn’t have a theme and is open to artists and makers in all disciplines, so it’s bound to be richly diverse and have a little something for everyone!

Take me to the River

All I need to do now is to get these two mounted, framed and ready to hang and delivered between the 7th – 10 July, which might be quite tricky as I’m away for four days between now and then! The only thing thing that is working in my favour here is that, if the worst comes to the worst, I can carry these paintings to the gallery myself to hand delivery them! This leads me neatly on to another exhibition update!

TALP 2023

I shared the news some ago that this painting had been selected for The Artist and Leisure Painter (TALP) Open Exhibition 2023 in ‘The Artist’ category.

Frosted fields near Clayton, East Sussex

Well, unlike the two paintings above that I can hand deliver just by walking down the road, this one most certainly could not be hand delivered (well, at least not by me!) This exhibition will take place at Patchings Arts Centre, which is probably about a four-hour drive from where I live, most likely six by the time I’ve navigated the M25!

As much as I was delighted to have my work selected for this exhibition, I can’t deny that the likely costs involved of shipping both ways (assuming it doesn’t sell), plus entry fees etc, will most likely run to over £200 – which is a lot of money to have my work in an exhibition that I won’t even get to see! As much as I’d like to visit, because I’ve heard so much about the Patchings Festival, it’s just not going to be possible because of all the other commitments I have during July and August. All of this will certainly factor into whether I’m able to enter this particular exhibition again in the future!

The exhibition will run from the 13th of July to the 13th of August, and if any readers of this blog visit, I’d love to get a few pictures of my painting in situ!

I’m really hoping that soon, I’m going to be able to turn my attention back to actually doing some painting! I have been keeping myself amused with some sketchbook work, which I might share next week, but it feels like a long time since I did what I might call any ‘proper’ painting!

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