Latest campsite watercolour painting

Only a quick one this week as I’m feeling a bit pulled from pillar to post with various commitments!

Here’s a painting based on one of the reference photos I took during our recent camping trip. The view looks across some fields from Mill Road in Arundel that runs along the perimeter of Arundel Castle.

View from Mill Road, Arundel, West Sussex

I wasn’t sure about this at first, but as I’ve sat with it for a day or two whilst it’s still taped to a board, I’ve increasingly grown to like it!

Latest entries and submissions

Amongst many of the pillars and posts I’ve been pulled between this past week are a few that are directly related to my painting!

I’ve submitted works to both the Atelier Open 2023 and the International Watercolour Masters 2024 competition.

I have submitted to both of these in the past. In 2022 I received a Top 200 merit award from the International Watercolour Masters for my ‘pursuit of excellence’…

International Watercolour Masters Top 200 Merit Award
International Watercolour Masters Top 200 Merit Award

…and last year, I had two paintings selected for the Atelier Open exhibition, which is local to me on Brighton seafront. Here are the two half-sheet paintings that were selected in situ:

It’s been nice this year to submit the maximum number possible of paintings to both of these opportunities and, even more so, to compare the paintings that I’ve submitted this year compared to previous submissions. I know I’m often my own harshest critic, but I think there’s been a discernable improvement!

I should hear about the Atelier Open exhibition in the next few weeks, and the exhibition will take place during the summer.

I won’t hear anything about the International Watercolour Masters exhibition until September, which feels like a very long time to keep my fingers crossed!

Thoughts on Latest campsite watercolour painting

6 thoughts on “Latest campsite watercolour painting”

  1. Patricia Robinson

    Congratulations, John. It’s always good to hear your news. I’ve liked your painting all along, and I love your “eye”; you’re so good at seeing paintable scenes. Whoever would have thought of Mill Rd? Not me, because I’m concentrating on water voles. You really are an inspiration!

    1. Ah, thanks so much for this Barbara and yes, I think you’re right, it is very calming – I just could see this at first during the frantic haze of trying to paint it!

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