Country Lane Watercolour Painting

Some of you may remember the view of a country lane that I posted a few week’s ago following my last camping trip:

I was quite pleased with this painting, but still felt a little disappointed with a few aspects of it. I did have it mind, and still do, to try this view again.

Instead, I found another view taken on the same walk, about half a mile further long the road:

I was particularly pleased with the tree covered hillside in the distance, and I think that the variation of light and colour across the tarmac of the road is effective.

As much as I liked the first painting, I think that this one is more successful overall, but would be interested to hear what others think.

Thoughts on Country Lane Watercolour Painting

5 thoughts on “Country Lane Watercolour Painting”

  1. Nice, John. I particularly like the glowing vegetation above the right-hand hedge and you’re right: the road surface and the woodland work really well. Unfortunately you rough paper has resulted in a repeat pattern on the horizon but, so as not to leave it on a sour note, the sky and top-right tree are a delight.

    1. Hi Rob and many thanks for this, much appreciated and glad that you like much of this one! I did actually like the slightly broken horizon line so left that bit of dry brush there in the hope it could fool people into thinking there were some trees or bushes there, but obviously not! Overall though, I have to be delighted with your critique, thanks so much!

    1. Hi Mary and thanks so much for this, really pleased you like the second one and apologies that your comments having been appearing! (I’ll email you separately about this!)

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