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I hope that everyone had a lovely time over Easter.

If anyone needed a reminder of the impact of the rises to the cost of living affecting so many people, I recall that this time last year we managed about a week away in Barcelona. This year, by contrast, a few days away camping was all we could manage!

Fortunately, as many of you will know, we do love a spot of camping – even if at this time of year you take your chances with the weather!

I’m only just back from our little excursion, so this post will be brief – I still have a lot of unpacking to do (which is undoubtedly my least favourite part of camping!)

Here’s the view from our tent:

Not a bad view to spend time with!

It was a treat to spend so much time looking at this scene during the course of each day and how the sun moved across from left to right see, totally changing the light and the shadows.

We were treated to seeing rabbits, pheasants, a fox and, to top it all, deer leaping through that lush field.

Apologies for the blurry zoom but wanted to share the deer sighting at dusk!

It was also really nice to find the time to get a few sketches done:

As well as getting some sketching time in, I also took my camera with me and I’m hoping that I’ll have a few decent references to work from in the weeks ahead.

Naturally, we got a good soaking too, but all of these experiences just make you appreciate the simple pleasures in life – like being dry, warm, and having a bed to sleep in!

Thoughts on Campsite sketching

4 thoughts on “Campsite sketching”

  1. Glad to see you had a fun weekend. Camping is so fun and a great way to refresh the mind and soul – even if you do get a bit wet.

    I loved your photos, and now you have peaked my interest. That first sketch you photographed looks like it will be an awesome painting. I sure would love to see a finished version. The last one looks very intriguing as well. Glad to see you are out and about. Wishing you the best.

    1. Hi Tim and thanks so much for this! Apologies for taking so long to reply but only just recovered! It was great to be camping again (and great to know that you understand how great camping is!) but it was mightily cold at night! Already have the next trip planned in a few weeks so hopefully it’ll have warmed up a bit by then!

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer, really kind of you! The finances are increasingly tight aren’t they! Fortunately we love camping so not having to sacrifice too much, but I do miss travelling further afield!

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