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I sincerely hope that everyone’s had a wonderful Christmas, hopefully, surrounded by your nearest and dearest, and had the opportunity for a little bit of well-deserved rest and relaxation.

My unintended retreat from social media continues apace, including, I’m afraid, from my beloved blog too! I had hoped to do a review of the year in which I’d pick out a few highlights, pass swiftly over some of the low lights and finish the year with a rousing celebration and call to brushes for an even better 2023!

As things have turned out, however, I’d not had much enthusiasm for trawling back over the year, which despite it being a ‘post covid’ year, has nevertheless felt like yet another tough one to get through, albeit perhaps for different reasons than during the covid years!

I would still like to reflect on the past year, as there have been a number of distinct highlights that I think, for my own morale, would be worth reminding myself of. Perhaps this could be my first new resolution for 2023, to write a review of 2022! What I can acknowledge, with a familiar degree of relief, is that with this post I’ve managed yet another year of weekly blog posts, which brings my total to seven years of weekly posting!

Such has been my end-of-year malaise, however, I’ve left myself with precious little time at all to pull together this final post of the year! I didn’t even leave myself enough daylight to photograph my little collection of new painting accessories that Santa brought me this year! (Shall have to add this to my new year’s resolutions post!)

In a desperate effort to at least have something to show for this final post of 2022, I did manage to pull myself together sufficiently to splash some paint on some paper:

Bye bye 2022

Considering how lacklustre I’ve been feeling about my painting, I enjoyed painting this and was refreshingly surprised by how well it turned out. It was nice to paint loose and relaxed and not overwork anything, and it didn’t feel like too bad a painting to be ending the year on. I could be mistaken but, after painting this, I think I might actually have felt some green shoots of enthusiasm breaking through!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those of you that have supported me during the past year. This can take many forms, from buying my paintings (which is always amazing!), to reading this blog and giving me the odd like or leaving a comment every now and then. I really value and appreciate every engagement and I’ll be quite honest, sometimes the comments I’ve received are what have helped me to keep on painting and posting – thank you all so much!

I hope that you all have a wonderful end to 2022 and that you can find a moment to celebrate all the good things that happened during the year, and that you can look forward with excitement and anticipation for what 2023 might bring. For my part, I look forward (sort of!) to starting my weekly blog posts all over again in 2023, but in the meantime, I wish you all the best for the year’s end – and thank you again.

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20 thoughts on “final post of 2022”

    1. Yes to all of this Jean! Fingers crossed that a corner has been turned since the end of last year when I was feeling decidedly blue! Have decided not to put too much pressure on myself to try and surpass what I did last year. The main thing is to focus on enjoying my painting – everything else is secondary!

  1. Thank you for sharing with us how human you are. I am very low at the moment with impending major major cancer surgery and your Final Post of 2022 just about summed up me! I even stopped my art. You’ve inspired me to get myself together and keep going and do what I love most… watercolour. Thank you. Happy and Healthy New Year each and everyone.

    1. Oh Janet, I’m so sorry to hear your news, which has left me feeling quite humbled and a little embarrassed! It certainly puts into perspective my own rather paltry creative trials and tribulations. I can imagine that there’s a seeming futility about watercolour painting in the face of major cancer surgery but I greatly admire and am inspired by your determination to do it because you love it! I really hope that your surgery goes as well possible and that you are able to lose yourself, even if only temporarily, in your painting. With the bestest of wishes to you and yours for the new year and all that lies ahead!

  2. I enjoy your posts and your dedication to your art. I believe all real artists have ups and downs. At least I do too! I try to focus on the act and not on the finished painting.
    Thanks again and Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks so much for this, really kind of you and much appreciated! I think having ups and downs is just part of life (though perhaps a more regular feature for those of us pursuing creative endeavours!). I think your advice is quite right too. I suppose it’s like going back to basics and reminding yourself of what it is you love about your chosen pursuit. I think that’s why this most recent painting turned out okay, because I was just enjoying the act of painting and not worrying about the outcome! Anyway, thanks so much for your kind comments and thoughtfulness, I really appreciate it! All best wishes for the New Year!

    1. Haha, thanks Rob, you may not have read all of them, but I reckon you’re read more than your fair share (and it’s much appreciated!) Likewise on the best wishes to you and yours for the year ahead – I hope our paths might cross again in person!

    1. Haha, I think you might be right about those end of year artist’s blues – it sounds like there’s quite a bit of it about so it’s nice to know that we’re keeping good company! I take some comfort in knowing that these feelings usually pass but they certainly seem to be dragging their heels about moving on! Hopefully the new year will bring some new horizons for us to focus on!

    1. Thanks so much for this, really kind of you and much appreciated! I must admit that painting this felt the best that painting has felt for me for quite a few months now so my fingers are crossed that I might be turning some sort of corner!

  3. I am always so impressed by the generous spirit of art bloggers! You freely give your art thoughts, expertise and insights to an audience that is appreciative but also often silent, and I imagine that can seem a little futile and lonely sometimes. Thank you so much for sharing your art journey, best to you and cheers for the new year:)

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and yes, I think that your use of the word ‘futile’ is a really accurate description! What’s great however is that even with just a few of the comments I’ve received on the back of this post, I’m feeling incredibly humbled, grateful that I have a creative passion to pursue, and quite energised to throw myself into it again! Thanks again for your kind and supportive comments – it really does mean a lot – and all the best for the new year!

  4. Patricia Robinson

    Sorry to hear you’re so down in the dumps… Have a look at the painting you posted today, and the others you’ve shared with us this year, and the High Points, and give yourself a pat on the back. It’s the gloomy weather, the endless slog – things like that, which makes you forget what a wonder you are, and so inspiring! Moreover, you’re the only person I know who paints with The Paint Box, you know, the magical brass one, which is how I got to know you! 2023 will be brilliant for you, keep believing!

    1. Oh Patricia, thanks so much for this! I think you’re so right that what I’m experiencing is largely the result of external factors! The light (or lack of it!) is definitely taking it’s toll this year, and it does feel like it’s been quite a slog of late. Just responding to some of the comments I’ve received has already made me count my blessings and cheer me up no end! And as for my Frazer Price Palette, you’ve reminded me that it’s been left unused for far too long – I must remedy that over the next few weeks! In the meantime, I hope you have a great new year and thanks again so much for your support – it means such a lot to me!

  5. Thank you, well done on posting your blogs over such a long period, look forwards to seeing your paintiniagsin next year

    1. Hi Barbara and thanks so much for this, I really appreciate it! I must confess that 7 years of weekly posting (and usually painting too!) is probably the most consistent and dedicated I’ve ever been at anything! Hope you have a great New Year, and thanks again!

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