Under the weather watercolour painting

As I wrote this title out I realised that it would actually make a good title for a plein air painting post! Sadly, on this occasion, it’s because my traditional end-of-year cold just couldn’t wait any longer. As a result, I’ve been laid up with a horrible head cold and various associated aches and pains.

So, on top of already feeling a little flat when it comes to my enthusiasm for painting, a heavy cold only compounded my severe lacking of motivation. In fact, it was only because this weekly post is the penultimate one of 2022 and I didn’t wish to fail at the penultimate hurdle of not having a painting of any sort to share that I managed to rally myself.

Here then is my quick quarter-sheet painting of Cadiz:


This was rattled out pretty quickly in between sneezes and blowing my nose! As I was painting it, I can’t exactly say I was enjoying it, but in a way, this meant that areas that I might otherwise have gone back into and fiddled with, were left alone. I think that because of this, it actually turned out better than I was expecting, and certainly much better comparatively than I was feeling!

Seasons Greetings

The only positive note about my Christmas cold arriving early is that I should be fully over it and recovered in time for Christmas Day! This will make a nice change, though I daresay our traditional Christmas day dip in the sea may bring another cold on straight away!

I’d like to wish everyone a wonderful festive season. I hope you all get time to relax, spend some quality time with loved ones, and indulge yourself a little!

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6 thoughts on “Under the weather watercolour painting”

    1. A belated Merry Christmas to you too Rob – though I’m not so sure about a much exhibited new year! (Though this reminds me, are you planning on submitting anything for the RWS exhibition at the Mall Galleries? I don’t have anything that I feel confident about at the moment but I can see that they’ve extended the deadline until the beginning of Feb so I’m hopeful that I might be able to conjure something up!)

    1. Thansk so much Patricia and belated Christmas greetings to you too. I’m delighted to report that I’ve been getting some well needed rest and relaxation and am gradually beginning to feel much better of mind, body and spirit!

  1. John enjoy the holiday with you and yours. Cadiz looks like a nice place to visit.
    Merry Christmas and enjoy your plunge in the cold Atlantic.
    The water is about 45-50 F here right now.

    1. Hi David and a much belated season’s greetings and thanks for your message! I also think that Cadiz does look like a great place to visit (my painting was done from someone else’s reference photo!) so I’ve added it to my very long wish list of places to see! I can vouch that the Atlantic was a lot colder than where you are! Fortunately, it was also quite rough on Christmas day so the fear factor of just getting into the water and out again took my mind off how mind-numbingly cold it was! (and of course the greatest benefit is that having immersed myself in the icy waters, I felt quite entitled to eat and drink as much as I liked for the rest of the day!) All best wishes for the New Year!

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