two new watercolour interiors

A quick post this week but, hopefully, a positive one!

After after a few weeks governed by deadlines and things that may be related to my watercolour endeavours but not actually painting, it’s been nice to spend a bit of time painting for painting’s sake!

After my exhibition at Danny House I was keen to try to capture in paint something from the magnificent interior.

We packed up the exhibition on Sunday afternoon after the exhibition had closed. This involved packing up all our work and the display boards and then returning all the furniture to the Great Hall. Once the furniture was in place, there were a few people milling around and I captured a few photographs, one of which I thought would make the basis for a quick painting:

Danny House, Hurstpierpoint

I was quite pleased with how this turned out and I did enjoy painting it. The figure facing towards the viewer, and especially the face, leaves a lot to be desired but overall (and from a distance!), it does capture the feel and atmosphere that I recall from the afternoon. I also like the colour harmony that runs throughout this painting which I think really unifies all the elements.

Feeling enthused by this interior painting, I set about tackling another much busier interior view:

Happy hour!

Again, I was pleased with how this one turned out too! I did really enjoy painting this and particularly how it developed. I really lost myself in this as I painted it and it gradually took on a life of its own. There are still elements that I’m not overly enamoured with, but I’m pleased that I stopped painting when I did, rather than trying to rectify every element, which I think would have led to it feeling overworked.

A new endeavour!

I’m delighted to announce that some of my work will, for a short time, be on display and available to purchase from the Greenfinch shop in Ticehurst, Kent.

The owner of the shop contacted me after seeing my work on Instagram. The shop specialises in showcasing the work of artists and makers from Kent and Sussex. Following a lovely telephone conversation, I sent over a selection of available paintings and the owner of the shop has chosen a number of framed paintings as well as some mounted paintings for browsers.

The shop stocks a wonderfully eclectic mix of good quality work so it will be really interesting to see how this little venture goes. We’re still working out when I can actually deliver the work but it will be in the coming week or so and should be available to see and buy up until around January. I’ll no doubt be letting people know via this blog and elsewhere too as soon as everything’s in place. If anyone’s in the vicinity of Ticehurst, I hope you’ll consider stopping by, it looks like a lovely shop, in a lovely part of the world, and is perfect for a spot of Christmas shopping. Perhaps followed by a spot of lunch in a nearby hostelry. Maybe even one with an open fire? It’s almost making me feel quite festive!

Thoughts on two new watercolour interiors

6 thoughts on “two new watercolour interiors”

    1. Ah thanks so much for this Rukshana, this is so gratifying to hear because I did have to make some conscious decisions to change the colour schema from my reference photos, so it’s great to know that these paid off!

  1. John, those interiors are excellent, given the style in which you are painting I think that more detail on the face would not really add to the narrative. The light and proportions are spot on in both paintings and the variety and placement of colour is very effective.

    1. Hi Warren and thanks so much for your kind and generous comments, I really appreciate it! You’re quite right that my style of painting is much more about an overall sense of atmosphere/quality of light but I do think I could still benefit from a little more practice on a loose approach to some facial features (even if it’s only to prove to myself that it’s something I’m capable of doing!) Thanks again Warren, and all best wishes

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