Exhibition News! Sussex Watercolour society at the linklater pavilion, lewes

I must confess that this exhibition has crept up on me and taken me unawares! The truth of the matter is that it’s been in the diary for ages but I’ve been preoccupied with so many other things that it does feel as though it’s come around rather quickly. Once again I find myself totally unprepared and in a mild state of panic, if there is such a state!

One of the many things that excited me about being invited to join the Sussex Watercolour Society earlier this year, was the opportunities that being a member might afford me to exhibit my work more frequently, reach new audiences and, hopefully, maybe even sell a few more paintings.

The Society aims to hold at least one exhibition per year for its members to participate in. This year, the exhibition will take place in the delightful town of Lewes, at the Linklater Pavilion, Railway Lane, Lewes, BN7 2FG.

The exhibition will be open at the following days and times:

  • Friday 2nd September, 2pm – 5pm
  • Saturday 3 September, 11am – 5pm
  • Sunday 4 September, 11am – 5pm

I admit that there is a slight risk of blink and you might miss it, but to show alongside 20 or so well- established and highly regarded watercolour artists from around the region is still a tremendous privilege, and slightly nerve-wracking too!

I’m not familiar with the venue but it looks to be set in a stunning location and I’m already hoping that it might be a good source of inspiration for future paintings and outings!

I’m still deliberating on what to exhibit, but my main focus will be on trying to demonstrate the three areas that excite me most, landscapes, cityscapes and interiors. Looking through my recent paintings, I’ve identified three potential ‘headliners’ for my display that I think accurately reflect these interests:

These are all larger paintings, which when framed will measure 50cms x 70cms, and none of them has been shown publically before, so this exhibition seems like an ideal opportunity – though I am slightly concerned about how these will compare alongside the works of such an illustrious group of watercolour artists!

I’ll also have space to hang a selection of smaller works too, as well as unframed works that will be in browsers. I know that it’s probably most unlikely, but should any of you find yourselves in the vicinity, please do stop by. I expect it to be a really interesting and varied exhibition and, from a personal perspective, I’m looking forward to seeing an exhibition of purely water-based works.

Hopefully, by this time next week, I’ll be feeling a lot better prepared than I am right now!

Thoughts on Exhibition News! Sussex Watercolour society at the linklater pavilion, lewes

2 thoughts on “Exhibition News! Sussex Watercolour society at the linklater pavilion, lewes”

  1. Hi John
    All the best for the exhibition
    I expect it will be great and your plans sound very good
    I doubt I can get there but I do hope it goes well.
    Only a month till my JZ workshop,i
    I am very much looking forward to it!

    1. Hi Brian and many thanks for this. It does feel like quite a lot of work for a two and half day show, but I’m telling myself that it’s a good discipline for me! Fingers crossed it’ll get my work in front of some new people and I might get some decent feedback. Great news that your JZ workshop is almost nigh, though as I look out of my window at the pouring rain, I hope you get some better painting weather than this! Look forward to seeing what comes out of the workshop Brian!

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