Brighton Painting Group August Meet Up

Saturday saw the August meet-up of the Brighton Painting Group. I do love these days. It’s great just to spend the time painting, but to be doing it plein-air, and in the company of others, we’ll it’s always such a treat! Or so I thought!

On this occasion, I just couldn’t settle on a subject. The weather was another scorcher, so I was mainly looking for a vantage point that would be in the shade for the entire day!

I strolled around what seemed like every inch of the delightful gardens in Palmeira Square and, despite identifying quite a few possibilities, I managed to talk myself out of every single one of them!

After spending well over an hour trudging around, I was considering calling it a day and just going home!

In the end, I did alight upon a view that I thought might work and, that would keep me nicely in the shade.

Here are a few images of my set-up on the day (when I eventually did set up!)

And here’s the finished effort:

The artist at work here is the wonderful Elliot Roworth – a tremendous artist and also the inspiration and driving force behind the Brighton Painting Group. He deserves a far better tribute than this painting – but by the end of the day, I was pleased to have anything at all to show for my time!

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