Watercolour painting of light flooding through a large ornate window by artist John Haywood

Starling studios – Latest exhibition News

Last weekend was a busy one in quite a few ways! It was the final weekend of the exhibition at Starling Studios, I was on my long-awaited Masterclass with Alvaro Castagnet, and one of my paintings was being displayed in Bologna at the world’s largest watercolour convention.

In short, far too much for me to cover in one post! I’m still processing a lot from the weekend’s workshop and I’d like to do a decent job of writing about my experience, so I’m aiming to do that next week.

This post will be a quick summary of how things have gone at Starling Studios. I’m pleased to say that after a relatively quiet start, things did pick up for me! By the close of play on Sunday evening, I’d sold a total of four paintings via Starling Studios and another two paintings from direct contact with me.

I’ve been asked not to share some of the paintings that I sold, as they’re gifts that are yet to be given, but here are three that I am allowed to share!

I didn’t get to meet as many of the people that bought my paintings as I would have liked, but the feedback I had from people managing the space was all very positive and many visitors expressed how much they liked my paintings!

Of these three, I was particularly sad/happy to see the New York and Window Light paintings find new homes. I particularly liked these two paintings – they’re amongst a select series of rare ‘landmark moments’ – those paintings where you really do feel that you’re on the right path!

All in all, although it was only over two weekends, it’s been a tremendously rewarding experience! I especially liked the day I spent painting outside in front of the gallery and hope I have more opportunities to do this in the future.

Meanwhile, in bologna…

You may recall that back in February, I received notification that one of my paintings had been selected to represent England and Wales at this year’s Fabriano in Acquarello exhibition:

Apparently this is the world’s largest watercolour convention, so it was an honour to have my work displayed to the delegates there. Here’s the painting that was selected:

City Light

Maybe one day, I’ll get to attend this event, not least because I’d love to visit Bologna as it looks beautiful and it’s already proven a great subject for me:

Painting of Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Italy, by watercolour artist John Haywood
Painting of Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Italy, by watercolour artist John Haywood

As exciting and thrilling as the last weekend was, I’m really looking forward to a much quieter and less eventful time this weekend!

If you would like, you can see more of my paintings in my gallery.

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