my ongoing adventures with ‘Summer greens’ in watercolour

I don’t know about others but for me, time seems to be in particularly short supply at the moment!

Painting wise, it’s been all I could do this week just to have one more go at the demonstration painting and a piece of homework from my ‘Using green in watercolour’ course with Paul Talbot-Greaves. Here’s how I got on:

Effort Number 3 on the demo painting
And my homework piece

I couldn’t decide which of these two latest paintings to submit for this week’s critique so sent them both off to Paul in the hope he’ll make the decision for me. Below you can see side-by-side the four paintings that I did as part of this session:

I should get my feedback on Friday, along with the instructions for the fifth and final session of the course. In many ways I’m going to really miss this course. What’s great is that I have all the notes from the sessions to refer back to (for instance when I need to refer back to information about painting ‘grey greens’ or ‘summer greens’ etc and I definitely feel that I’ve learnt a great deal from the course that will benefit my painting beyond the painting of green! It will also be nice to start applying some of what I’ve learnt into my own subject choices too.

Brighton painting group

The most recent meeting of the Brighton Painting Group was on Saturday but unfortunately, I couldn’t join. Even so, it’s great being able to see all the work that people do (which are shared on a what’s app group and then on Instagram). My fear of missing out on these occasions is quite strong and, even though I couldn’t attend, I still somehow felt the need to participate, even if it’s a bit ‘after the event’.

One of last weekend’s participants, Adam, shared a photo of the view that he captured and it really struck me as the kind of view that I like to think I’d have selected had I been there. In an effort to make up for my absence on Saturday, here are a couple of quick sketches based on the view that I would have liked to have painted!

The location was Montpelier Crescent in Hove, Brighton. It doesn’t look a whole lot like this as I’ve taken some artistic licence to omit out the cars and buildings that would otherwise be visible just beneath the tree line.

As is so often the case, I dashed off ‘take 1’, felt I could do better, did ‘take 2’ only to find that I still prefer the first one! I think the ideal would be to combine the trees and composition of take 1, with the grass greens of take 2.

I think I might try to settle this once and for all with a third attempt, which I might even to a little larger!

Thoughts on my ongoing adventures with ‘Summer greens’ in watercolour

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