Exciting exhibition news!

I’ve been frantically busy over the past few weeks trying to juggle all the usual commitments alongside preparing for my first public showing of my watercolour paintings for some years now! This is of course tremendously exciting news for me but it has meant that I’ve had a lot of catching up to do in terms of mounting and framing works in preparation.

Cutting straight to the chase, however, I’m participating in a group take over of Starling Studios in Brighton. The first part of this will begin on Monday 29th November when, along with textile artist Ellie Hipkin, we’ll be taking over the window display of Starling Studios.

Then, from Saturday 11th – Sunday 19th December, the whole of Starling Studios will be taken over with Ellie and I presenting 2d work alongside a fabulous group of other artists and makers with work ranging from knitwear and ceramics to jewellery and candles – it’s basically a one-stop solution to all of your Christmas present buying needs!

To celebrate this event I’ve created a dedicated Starling Studios Pop Up Gallery page. I’d really welcome any feedback on this page so that I can make any amendents and adjustments to it before I start promoting it more actively.

As a sneak preview, here’s a pile of newly framed works that will be on display:

All framed up and ready to hang!

In addition to these framed works, I’ve also mounted up another 30 or so other paintings, the majority of which have all been completed in the past year. You can see more of these works, all arranged by size, on the Starling Studios Pop-Up Gallery page.

While it has been a little all-consuming getting everything ready, I must confess that even I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these works collectively. It’s undoubtedly the strongest collection that I’ve presented in public so it’s be really interesting to see how this little exhibition goes!

Recent Paintings

Here’s the most recent painting that just made the cut for the exhibition deadline!

Watercolour painting of a sunlit square in Bologna by artist John Haywood.
Bologna in the sunshine

If this looks familiar, it’s most likely because I recently did a small sketch of this and here’s the sketch and the painting all mounted up and side by side – even if rather counterintuitively the larger painting here is the smaller of the two!

Latest sketches

And here are a couple of recent sketches that I’ve done to keep my brushes going in-between framing and mounting!

The New York sketch was done just using ultramarine blue and burnt sienna along with some titanium white for the highlights. The Brighton ice-rink sketch was done after a visit there on Sunday with my daughter. The light was fantastic and I imagine that I might try to work this up into a larger painting when time permits!

Please do check out my Starling Studios Pop Up Gallery page – I’d love to get your thoughts on it.

For anyone that’s local to the area and considering dropping in sometime, I’ll share the exact dates and times that I’ll be at the gallery next week and who knows, maybe we could meet in person – I know that I’d like that very much!

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    1. Hi Carole and thanks so much for this, I really appreciate it! It’s hard to know quite what to expect from this little venture so I’m purposefully trying to keep my expectations as low as possible and to console myself with at least having caught up with some of my mounting and framing!

    1. Hi Gregory and thanks so much for this – of course I’ll be sharing how it goes here on the blog (unless of course it’s a complete disaster and I’m offline for a while drowning my sorrows!)

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