Bad back watercolour painting!

Hopefully, by the time you read this, I’ll be experiencing a delightful change of scenery somewhere in Kent.

I say ‘hopefully’ because soon after last week’s post, I severely put my back out and have been rendered pretty much immobile. Getting a car packed up with a tent that I can barely lift when I’m peak condition is pretty much unimaginable at this stage!

So, while I focus on my recovery (I’m writing this on a rather Heath-Robinson style stand up desk that I’ve fashioned for myself in the kitchen!) this post will be very brief! Just before my back started to fail on me, I did this quick study of an interior. It had been posted on Instagram by a friend, and it’s a picture of their friend’s front room. There was something about it that spoke to me, and the words it said were ‘paint me’.

Front room watercolour sketch

This was just a quick quarter sheet that I tried to paint quickly and loosely, without wishing to get too caught up in specific details at the expense of missing out on the overall sense of light coming into a room busy with objects and plants.

While it’s not my best, with the way my back took a turn for the worst soon after painting this, I’m not going to quibble over it! At the moment, I’d just settle for being able to pick up a brush again without my back hurting!


It gives me no pleasure at all to report that, at the time of sending this, I am on ‘holiday’, but still at home, rendered housebound by my back with little sign of a reprieve any time soon!

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10 thoughts on “Bad back watercolour painting!”

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  2. I do hope you heal soon John and that the meds sort you out in the meantime. Also I hope you can still have a brilliant painting break. 😀Warm wishes

  3. So sorry to hear this, John. If it’s any comfort, my back “went” about a week ago and last Friday’s life drawing was done standing up, though I’m still managing to go for runs. In my experience these things go away…. eventually. Just such bad timing for you.
    Get well soon.

    1. Thanks Rob – I thought I’d had similar ‘bad back’ experiences before but this one trumps the lot of them put together! It’s proving to be a blow for the whole family as we’d so been looking forward to our holiday and now it’s all up in the air. As you say, it will hopefully heal and recover… eventually! Many thanks Rob!

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