Market day watercolour – Perigueux, France

I can’t say for certain, but I think it’s highly possible that the small town of Perigueux, in the Dordogne region of France, is becoming my most painted town! I think it was back in 2017 whilst on our annual camping trip that we spent a day in this delightful town, that has proved to be such a rich source of reference material.

Here are three other paintings / studies that I’ve done based on photographs I took during our visit:

Each of these holds a different place in my memory.

The painting below is my latest addition to the collection:

Market Day, Perigueux

I was quite pleased with some of the soft edges in this painting – particularly as the tree merges into the sky and into the background buildings. I was also pleased that I didn’t get too caught up in all the details under the market stall awning. As ever with these scenes, one of the great joys of painting them is recalling the time spent there. We had such a lovely day out amidst the hustle and bustle of Market Day at Perigueux.

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If you would like to see more about my Perigueux paintings and posts, I’ve pulled a few of them together below to make them easy to find:

Stop press!!

I’ve just decided to book onto another one of Alvaro Castagnet’s online workshops. This one is billed as an ‘Urban Scape’ and takes place this coming Friday, starting at about GMT 7.30-8.00pm. Painting along on a Friday evening will be quite a novelty. I’ll need to make sure I keep my glass of wine separate from my water and brushes!

I wasn’t going to book for this particular workshop but, in a sudden rush of blood to the head / celebration of the end of home-schooling, I took the plunge and committed earlier today. One reason I was committed to this workshop was because of the subject matter. This is the photo that we’ll be the basis for the workshop:

Alvaro Castagnet – online workshop reference photo

When I did my previous online workshop with Alvaro, I could picture what I’d be aiming for from the source photo quite quickly.

On this occasion, however, I feel a lot less inspired by this source image. I think that this will mean I’ll have to work a lot harder to make something out of this image! I’ll probably try to do a very loose outline sketch of this scene in advance – even if it’s just mapping out the skyline and some of the perspective lines. I imagine that other elements such as figures and cars etc I’ll put into place during the workshop.

I’d like to say that I look forward to sharing my endeavours with you next week – but I’m not sure that I feel particularly confident about this one!

Thoughts on Market day watercolour – Perigueux, France

8 thoughts on “Market day watercolour – Perigueux, France”

  1. Hi John,
    I really like all your French paintings, and will be holding my breath to see how you tackle the latest one! . I looked back on your last Alvaro experience, and you really did a great job, as he obviously thought too. Interesting to read Rob’s ideas on how he thinks Alvaro might tackle it and I shall look forward to seeing your results. I hope you and your glass of vino will find the whole experience enjoyable and not nerve wracking at all.😄
    Warm wishes,

    1. Hi Carole and many thanks for this, I really appreciate your kind comments about the Perigueux paintings and my last Alvaro Castagnet workshop effort!
      I share your anticipation about what might happen this time round – the more I look at the source image, the more I think it will need adjusting quite a lot to make it work! I think I’ll have to be quite fleet of foot during the workshop as I don’t feel confident about being able to map much out in advance! Whatever happens, it will make a change from my usual Friday nights spent with Netflix! All the best Carole

  2. John, these all fantastically beautiful images! I Googled the town, and it is a nice as your paintings.

    Good luck with your workshop. Looking at the photo you will work from, I have some ideas. You’ll do great.

    1. Hi Tim and thanks so much for this! I might have a little google of the town myself to see if it throws up any new images to work from! Be interesting to hear after I’ve shared my workshop painting whether he goes for any of the ideas that you have in mind!
      Many thanks Tim, all the very best

  3. Nice atmospheric painting of the market town – wish you were there, no doubt!
    Good luck with Old Compton Street; it’ll be interesting to see what he wants to do with it since there are no strong hints from the lighting. Perhaps he’ll use the bright reflections in the windows on the left side to pierce the shade. Or maybe he’ll exaggerate gaps in the buildings so that he can throw some light across the street in places… Or will he just go for a focus on the lit up buildings at the far end of the street. All this you will find out on Friday. Enjoy yourself and don’t worry what it looks like!

    1. Hi Rob and thanks for your kind words about the Perigueux painting, much appreciated! Thanks too for identifying that picture as Old Compton Street, I really hadn’t spotted that! As a street I’ve walked down often, it somehow puts a little more pressure on me to do it justice! Your options for how he might approach this have already made me wonder how best to sketch this out to anticipate the many on the hoof amendments I’ll need to make at the start of the workshop! I’m expecting it to be a bit of a rollercoaster, but I’ll have a glass of wine nearby so I’m sure I’ll be fine, even if the painting isn’t!

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