Bidding is open for the @heartresearchuk #anonartproject

Bidding is now open on this year’s anonymous heART project in support of Heart Research UK.

I’ve supported this charity event for the past few years with donations to their anonymous art auction and have always found it, if you’ll forgive the pun, the most heartwarming of activities. You can read about my reactions to previous auctions in 2019 and 2018.

Here are the works that have been auctioned in the past – seen here at their final prices (in the vain hope that it may tempt some of you to bid this year!)

I’d love to know if, when bidding on my work, people have hoped that they’re bidding on someone far better known as an artist or celebrity than I obviously am! I can only assume that on the whole, there is some sense of anti-climax when discovering it’s lil’old me behind these paintings because I’ve never had any subsequent follow up from anyone that’s won any of these works!

So far, I think my contributions have raised just shy of £800 in total. By my calculations, each contribution I’ve made so far has raised an average of £79.00. I’m hopeful that the three works I’ve submitted this year will equal this average as it would be nice to break the £1,000 mark!

Obviously these are just my own personal ruminations. What’s most important is to be able to support the great research that these activities help to fund. I’m not in a position to be able to donate these kinds of sums of money directly, but to be able to do so via donating some of my work feels immensely gratifying.

You can see all of the available works in this year’s auction at the Heart Research UK Ebay Shop. There are over 450 works up for auction this year so you may well find it a challenge to find my offerings! (For any regular followers to this blog however, it should be a doddle!)

The auction runs until Sunday 15th November at 9pm GMT and I’ll be sure to share the results with you next week! Good luck to anyone bidding, not necessarily on my work of course – there’s lots of great work to choose from; and all in the knowledge that you’re supporting a great cause.

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13 thoughts on “Bidding is open for the @heartresearchuk #anonartproject”

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  2. Good for you, John. Your work raised a good sum of money, well done.
    How do you get in to this, I would be honoured to donate some of my work to next year’s?

    1. Hi Ray, in their first year I think they were accepting all comers. In the past two years however they’ve been trying to be a little more selective. I’d recommend just getting in touch with them with some links to your work and expressing your willingness to contribute. (if you drop me an email via the website, I can pass on the contact details of the person that I liaise with there). Many thanks Ray

    1. I’m still keen to know which you thought were mine! I’m delighted with the final bids on mine but afraid my maths make it at total of about £374! I’ll reveal all in Wednesday’s post!

      1. Sorry. My mistake. I had them on the American eBay. $492.23 in U.S. dollars and didn’t convert. Still pretty impressive in GBP. £374. And you reached your £1,000 to date goal with room to spare.

        I know which were yours. I spotted 457 and 458 right away as that is your style and your palette. It was harder to find 459 until I noticed the numbers were consecutive. Then it was easy to find the third.

        1. Ahh, and there was I thinking I may have succeeded with being truly anonymous! Glad you were able to track them down though. I’ve also heard from the charity and I won’t be able to share too much about them now until next week (I’ll explain more in my next post!)

  3. Found all three although I must say the third was tough. Not your usual style. Once I found the first two it was easier to find the third using the lot numbers. That third is going for twice what the other two are. You might consider spending some time in that direction, just for the practice.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to to seek them out! The format for all the lots is that they’re all A5 in size. My three are all ‘detail’ crops taken from larger works that I’ve done in the past few months. Be interesting to see what the final bids come in at. I just had a look at the auction site and was struck by one work that is already at £2,700!!

      1. Really? I’ll have to go back and look for that one.

        I liked the rooster and the poppies. I liked the looseness.

        I really wish they had specified on the auctions which were watercolor, oil, acrylics, pastels etc.

        1. I’m can’t recall off the top of my head the rooster and the poppies (those ones aren’t mine!) but will have to have another look! I understand the frustration about not knowing what the materials/medium are but I suppose that all adds to the anonymity of it all!

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