Halloween watercolours

Ahead of Halloween, we visited Poynings Pumpkin Patch to buy some pumpkins for carving. The weather was intermittently bright/atrocious and we were fortunate to dodge the worst of the weather but the field was one massive mud bath!

When not in fear of falling over, it was great to be able to take in the views and I managed to get a few photos. When there was gaps in the cloud cover, the neighbouring fields were an amazingly bright, lush green and the light also highlighted the distant treeline, that again was a rich tapestry of autumnal colour.

View from the pumpkin patch (1)

As this took me very little time to paint, I thought I’d try another variation, with the main aim of capturing a more varied sky:

View from the pumpkin patch (2)

When I first painted these two, I was really pleased with them. They both seemed to capture something of the day. The longer I’ve had to look at them however, the less I enjoy them! I can’t quite put my finger on exactly what it is, but there’s just something about them that leaves me feeling a bit cold towards them.

I have however earmarked this area as a potential one for some plein-air painting in the future as I think there’s many potential vantage point in the area.

But let’s not forget what this trip was really all about! Here are a few snaps to show the fruits of our pumpkin picking labours!

Thoughts on Halloween watercolours

3 thoughts on “Halloween watercolours”

  1. Hi John, living near Dartmoor I have this problem all the time, the view looks fabulous but without verticals it is difficult to get a good composition. I wonder if it is the rather strong line of the distant hills that brings them forward rather than adding a sense of distance. That would then help lead the eye into the painting. You could try washing it out.
    Good to see you’re getting out on the fine dry days.

    1. Hi Warren and thanks for this. I hadn’t really considered the lack of verticals! Maybe a few strategically positioned telegraphs poles could have helped with this and with leading the eye in? I think you’re right too about a softer approach to the distant hills. I won’t tinker any more with these ones but will try to bear this all in mind for whatever comes next! Some good weather forecast for this weekend so will hopefully be able to make the most of them. I think a sea swim may be on the cards!

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