Gone camping

I bloomin’ love camping! It’s always such a refreshing change of pace to the regular day to day.

This week’s post will be unapologetically brief for three reasons:

  1. I’m on holiday
  2. I have very poor reception on my phone
  3. I have very little to share

From a practical watercolour painting perspective the most exciting development on this holiday so far is my new sketchbook!

I bought this A5 hardback sketchbook of Saunders Waterford Rough 140lb/300gsm from King and McGaw some months ago, since when it’s been languishing on a shelf, still in its original wax paper wrapper!

It’s really nice to have a sketchbook made of the same paper that I usually use to paint with. Even so, that first blank page in a new sketchbook still feels incredibly intimidating!

Here’s the first page in my new sketchbook, painted plein air on Knoll beach in Dorset looking towards ‘Old Harry’ (the rock formations separated from the mainland).

Always a joy to use my Frazer Price palette box
From Knoll beach looking towards Old Harry

As ever, it’s always a joy to use my beloved Frazer Price Palette Box and my Da Vinci travel brushes.

The forecast for the rest of the week is looking what can be most optimistically described as mixed (ie lots of rain!)!

Hopefully I’ll manage to get a little more sketching done, or at least a few more reference photos. My main priority however is to switch off, relax and spend some quality time with my family.

Thoughts on Gone camping

14 thoughts on “Gone camping”

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  3. Ooh I love Dorset and have been on painting holidays there. I’m sure you’ll find lots of lovely subjects when the rain stops! I really like your Old Harry painting.
    Have fun,
    Carole xx

    1. Many thanks Ray – between chasing my daughter and dodging the weather I haven’t got as much sketching in as I would like (but I think that’s always the way with me!)

    1. Thanks so much Edo. I was in the town of Swanage the other day and from the other side of a street I saw a whole window display of Oliver Pyle‘s paintings which I recognised immediately! It was great to see them in real life rather than photos of them!

  4. Jolly Holiday to the 3 of you! Wishing you lots of SUNSHINE (hopefully!) Can’t place where you are, other than sill in GB. Enjoy your time wherever it is!

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