Watercolour painting of a cafe in Bologna, Italy by John Haywood

White tablecloths, Bologna, Italy

As the repercussions of the Covid-19 virus impact on every imaginable walk of life simultaneously across the world, I can’t deny feeling quite overwhelmed!

The trials and tribulations of my watercolour painting seem rather insignificant at the moment, so I’m finding it difficult to work up the enthusiasm or the sense of purpose to write that much, so I apologise for this week’s brevity.

I painted this scene of a cafe in Bologna purely because I liked the image and thought it could make a good subject for a painting.

Watercolour painting of a cafe in Bologna, Italy by John Haywood
White tablecloths, Bologna

Purely coincidentally, it was done at the same time that Italy was ordering the closure of all cafes/bars/restaurants and other social spaces.

I hope that everyone is able to take care of themselves and their nearest and dearest, as well as keeping an eye out for friends and neighbors that may be particularly vulnerable at this time.

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  1. one of my favorites of mine John! Looks very fresh and intimate if that makes sense. Yes this covid-19 is very alarming. California is in lockdown but you wouldn’t know it by some of the things I have seen! Thank goodness I am in the country and have my lonely trails to hike. I haven’t shopped in town for nearly two weeks. I didn’t stock up at all but we have our little local store to buy what we need. I plan on avoiding the crowds town so we are staying put. Hope all is well with you, keep making that art!

    1. Hi Margaret and many thanks for this, really pleased you like this painting. You’re lucky to be away from the hubbub of the cities. Since arriving back in Brighton, where we’re living in much more tightly confined and often communal spaces, the feeling of tension is palpable! Think we’re all going to need the release of our art now more than ever!

      1. Haha crazy times out there…..art is my santuary and lonely (wonderful) hiking! I heard your PM make a very clear and direct order for your country. If only we had a leader like that! A strong directive is so important in times like these. Stay safe and warm? Lol I am not even aware of your weather but it seems fitting! Cheers

        1. Thanks Margaret! So wonderful that you have your art and your hiking – I can’t help thinking that we’re all going to need our own little sanctuaries – in whatever form they take – in the months ahead! Look forward to seeing more of your paintings and more of your hikes in the coming weeks! Take care Margaret.

  2. Ooh yes my favourite yet…gorgeous painting! You see colour does suit you!
    It is all so crazy at the moment and I soon will be one of those to have to self isolate. My only cheering thought is that I’ll really have the time to knuckle down to more painting, and piano playing,
    I agree with Hilda that art will be a good distraction from all this. So please keep them coming John and I wish you and your family, and all your loyal blog followers to stay safe and well. Virtual hugs too.
    Carole xx

    1. Hi Carole and thanks so much for this, I really appreciate it. So pleased you like the painting, I’ve been quite surprised by the response it’s had to be honest as I was a bit disappointed with it at first! Great that you’re able to find the silver lining of more painting and piano playing ahead of you as we enter into such unknown territory! Take care Carole, and thanks again!

  3. Maureen Gass-Brown

    Lovely painting, John ! Great contrast, simplicity, color palette and use of dry brush !! 👍🏼😉👍🏼
    Also including a beautiful quote I came across recently , to possibly bring some equanimity and peace to your soul at this difficult time . Emerson said : ” All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen. “ ❤️

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments and wonderful quote Maureen – it’s much appreciated in these strangest of times! Take good care and all best wishes

  4. Here in Italy the situation is kind of scary but I’m conviced all the people of the world will pass through this for a better future, and this painting is like a beautiful and warm-virtual-hug, so thanks for this!
    I have a good friend in England (he lives near Bristol) and I’m a bit worried for him and you english people for this strange decisions of the UK government to contrast the virus, take care John! I hope we will worry about our paintings issues as soon as possible! Big virtual hug from Italy <3

    1. Hi Luca an thanks so much for this. I hope you’re coping ok during your ‘lock down’. The UK does finally seem to be catching up but I definitely think there’s going to be some worrying times ahead for us all. Perhaps it’s at times like this that our painting and being able to stay in touch becomes more important than ever. Take care Luca

  5. A wonderfully colourful offering just when it’s needed. I love the way the faded terracotta shade of the walls/pillars fades into the blues at the bottom and the part under the arch has the sort of blends that I’m always aiming for but rarely achieve. (You see it’s not bright colours that I want; it’s just that sometimes you seem to have used lamp black as a base and tentatively added other colours to it. Here there’s barely any part of the picture that’s colourless.) AND the tables have feet even if the torsos are legless – but wait a minute… Is that the ghost of a shoe!?!?!?

    1. If there is the ghost of a shoe, I can assure you that it wasn’t intentional! Thanks for your comments Rob, I must confess that I was quite surprised by them as I was a little underwhelmed by this effort. Just goes to show how little I know! Now if only I could remember what I did differently with this painting! Thanks Rob

    1. Hi Hilda and all the best to you and yours too. I’m sure art will become an increasingly important distraction during this time of great disruption – I just need to sort our quite a few practical things first! Thanks Hilda – take care

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