Artists Open House and the final watercolour painting across the finish line

My Artists Open House exhibition opens this Saturday and I’m delighted to report that I do actually have a show to hang!

My time since last week’s post has mainly been spent cutting mounts, selecting, mounting, framing some paintings and wrapping others that will sit in browsers.

Thinking about the exhibition hang, I was keen to have a new half imperial sized portrait format painting. I’ll already be showing a few paintings that were in last year’s exhibition but didn’t want to rely on too many of them.

I was still feeling inspired by the subject of last week’s painting and had sufficient fresh memories and photographs of the scene to try a different view and orientation.

Here’s how I got on:

On the bank of the Douro, Porto - a watercolour painting by artist John Haywood
On the bank of the Douro, Porto

I was pretty pleased with how this turned out so it was mounted and framed almost while the paint was still drying. This is the final painting past the finish in time for the exhibition.

Everything now is focussed on getting the exhibition hung, which I’ll be doing on Wednesday night. The preparations have all felt a little bit torturous but I’m also feeling a tremendous sense of relief from having pulled it together!

Art at Zerbs will be Open from 11am – 6pm every Saturday and Sunday in May. It will also be open on both bank holiday Mondays in May.

I’ll be there on both bank holiday Mondays and on Sunday 19th May and hope to be painting on each occasion. Should any readers be in the vicinity, please do drop in – it’d be lovely to meet you!

Thoughts on Artists Open House and the final watercolour painting across the finish line

19 thoughts on “Artists Open House and the final watercolour painting across the finish line”

  1. We were lucky enough to be able to see your work at the Open House at the end of May – such an absorbing exhibition, we were quite lost in another world moving between the paintings. Thank you John!

    1. Hi Cathy and many thanks for this. I’m so pleased that you were able to visit the Open House and I’m even more pleased that you liked my paintings, your kind comments mean a great deal and are much appreciated -thank so much Cathy!

    1. Thanks David. It’s all hung now which always feels like such a relief. Everything else is now out of my hands!

  2. Carole Rogers

    Well done getting it all sorted in time John and I do like your new painting. Wish I could visit but it’s too far for me. I do wish you a very successful exhibition and hopefully with some sales.

  3. Best of Luck, John! You’ve done a fine job! Hope to see some photos of the show when hung. How many paintings will you have hung in the show?

    1. Hi Margery and many thanks for this, much appreiciated and yes, of course I’ll try to get some pictures when everythings up. In total I’ll have eleven paintings, 4 quarter sheets and 7 half sheets, plus about another 30 paintings in browsers. I can’t help feeling that I’ll be carrying most of them home with me but a few sales would be nice!

  4. Best of luck with the Open House exhibition, John. You have a wonderful selection ready. I love the bold shadows on the foreground in this painting. And it’s nice to see a boat turned upside down (in a painting that is, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone): a real eye-catcher.

    1. Hi Laureen and thanks so much for this, I really appreciate it. I’m hanging the exhbiition tonight so will soon have a better idea of how/if it all works together, but I’m pleased to be able to include this one! Thanks again, John

  5. A nice picture, John. I like the way everything flows into everything else and I am a sucker for portrait landscapes coming down to your toes and up to the sky. I need hardly mention how pleased I am to see that the tree has a trunk, the boat has a stand and the men have legs. Is this a first?

    1. Hi Rob, it would seem that your patient guidance, coaching and ribbing is finally paying off! I’m delighted that this meets with your approval, in which case I hope that this is the first of many!

    1. Hi Kim – thanks for this, so pleased you like this painting. As for visiting the Open House, I know that it will be easier to do for some than others but your support is much appreciated!

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