Another work in progress watercolour sequence

This feels like a bit of a postscript to last week’s post where I felt I was ticking along nicely right up until the end when I added in one wash too many and somewhat ‘killed’ it!

With this second attempt, I was mindful of working as quickly as possible, and to being a little bolder with my washes. Here’s how I got on:

The preliminary sketch

As with my first effort, I spent a fair bit of time trying to get the perspective and ellipses of the buildings accurate.

The first wash

I applied this first wash much more confidently, and with greater variety than my first attempt. Once again, I left the sky to later. I was pleased with how this was looking after this initial wash.

Second wash, adding the shadows

The second major wash went on pretty quickly and, while it was still wet, I added in the buses and splattered on some clean water for texture and variety, and to allow the first wash to show through a little. Once dry, I started to suggest some of the architectural details.

Finishing off – adding in the sky and moving into the detail

By now I felt I was on the home straight! I quickly washed in the sky and started to soften some of the edges of the shadows, especially the curve of the shadow on the left hand buildings. I also started to add in the details of the figures on the left hand side, the lamppost and traffic lights. I was mindful of trying not to overwork this and, demonstrating rare self-restraint, was able to force myself to down brushes!

Finished – An early morning on London’s Regent Street, before the crowds arrive!

I was much more satisfied with this painting than with my first effort. I think it feels much lighter of colour, tone and touch. The scale of the drawing also feels more accurate, particularly the bus on the right hand side. All in all, I think that it was painted in a much more confident manner.

Here’s this week’s and last week’s efforts side by side for comparison:


It’s always interesting seeing them side by side like this. While they’re undoubtedly very similar I think that the washes, especially in the foreground areas and the shadow across the road, feel much richer, more pure and more transparent.

All in all, I was happy with this second attempt and am already eye-ing up a different view from the capital!



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    1. Thanks so much Evelyn. I’m really pleased that you think this one has the edge over last week’s effort, and I really appreciate you taking the time to comment!

  2. oh yes! much nicer this time around and there is more warmth in the building on the left (and right for that matter) more lively even though it is in shadow, well done! I also like how you brought the bus a little bit closer and gave it more strength in color. Well done! I know the feeling, putting the brushes down and not touching them! ha, I definitely know that feeling (and resist).

    1. Thanks so much for this Margaret and I’m delighted to hear that you struggle with the same devil on the shoulder urging you to just do one more wash, apply a little more detail here or there, or maybe just a little more… and suddenly it’s already too late! Thanks again Margaret, so pleased you like this and here’s a toast to our strength of will!

    1. Wow, what a great reaction – thanks so much! My works are for sale and here’s a link to a bit more information
      Basically, if there’s anything that you’re interested in, best thing is to drop me an email and I’ll do my best to help! Thanks again for your kind comments and for your continued interest and support – it really does mean a lot to me!

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