Watercolour painting of boat SM688 in Shoreham harbour by John Haywood

Boat SM688, Shoreham Harbour

Continuing my efforts to seek out local delights (well, the things that delight me at least) I went in pursuit of something a little less flimsy and chocolate-boxy than last week’s post.

I don’t know why, and don’t think it’s a rule of thumb of any sort, but the painting I featured in last week’s post went pretty smoothly from start to finish but left me feeling slightly dissatisfied.

This painting was quite the opposite!  It felt like a battle from beginning to end and throughout painting it  I couldn’t tell whether I was going to be happy with it or not. I had quite a few major moments of self-doubt during this and was tempted to stop completely and consign it to the bin on a number of occasions!

Now though, after the heat of the moment, I’m really pleased that I persevered and kept the faith. It’s not a pretty view, but I still like it much more that last week’s more typically picturesque view.

Watercolour painting of boat SM688, Shoreham harbour by John HaywoodBoat SM688, Shoreham Harbour


(With profuse apologies for the 12th hour announcement but I’ve only recently confirmed this)

Weather permitting, I’ll be exhibiting – and probably painting too – at the Brunswick Square Art Fair on Sunday 9th July. It’s free to attend and will run from 11am – 6pm. I understand from the organisers that there’ll be about 50 exhibitors showing a wide range of works. When I submitted my works for consideration, the verdict was that it would make ‘a good contrast with the other work’. Even now I still don’t know whether this was meant in a good way or not, but I suppose I’ll find out on Sunday.

If anyone’s in the vicinity, please do drop by and say hello – and please do let me know if you follow my ‘brushes with watercolour’ as you’ll get an especially warm welcome –  it’d be lovely to meet you!

You can visit the event Brunswick Square Art Fair Facebook page for more info and, in case it’s helpful, the post code is: BN3 1ED


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