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This will be a mercifully brief post as I’m hurtling towards my mini-exhibition this weekend and still have far too much to do than I would like! (I’m having to take a break from my last-minute mounting, framing and labelling to write this!) In view of this, I’ll have to forfeit going into much detail this week but, suffice to say that I’ve chosen the view below as something that I’ll paint again on Sunday when I’ve promised to ‘splash some paint about’ at 2 Knoyle Road.

This source for this painting is some photos I took during our recent trip to Barcelona. What I particularly like about it is the shadow of the tree, and how the increasingly dappled foreground makes a wonderful lead in to the picture. It’s still far from perfect but, after this first pass, I’m really excited about the prospect of painting this again. I think there are plenty of areas that I could improve on safe in the knowledge that it’s a decent enough composition.

A watercolour painting of a Barcelona street scene by John Haywood
Barcelona street scene in the spring

The weather forecast for the weekend is really good here so it may mean that instead of going round open houses, a lot of people will head to the beach, or to some of the other outdoor events that will be on as part of closing weekend of the Brighton Festival. Hopefully I’ll get a few people passing through and stopping to say hello – and who knows, I may just get to spend most of my day painting which will be a real treat in itself!

Hopefully, once the open house hubbub has calmed down, I can begin to think of what my next milestone might be. More importantly though, I’m really looking forward to focussing on doing more painting! Please do drop by if you’re in the vicinity this weekend – my work will be there on Saturday and Sunday, but I’ll only be there on the Sunday between 11am and 5pm.

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  2. Love your bio notes on the 2 Knoyle Road — what a great sense of humour. I’ll have to remember your line about how long it takes Saturn to orbit the sun! I could easily split my life into 29 year segments….
    Gee, you and Kate Osborne both at the same show … how wonderful! A bit too far from Canada’s west coast to attend but I’ll wish you sunny skies, lovely tea and cakes, and at least a few sales.

    1. Haha thanks so much Lisa – I really appreciate your comments! It’s funny that despite me having had the intervening 29 years to prepare – everything still feels a bit too close to the wire! I’m sure it’ll all be okay on the day and, as you say, if nothing else there’ll be great tea and cakes! ☕️ 🍰 🎂 😀 – thanks again Lisa (and I’m very jealous of your west coast of Canada location!)

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