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Saturday saw the start of this year’s Brighton Festival and with it, the launch of the Artists Open Houses. 2 Knoyle, where I’m exhibiting on the 27th and 28th May, had its private view on Saturday and I was invited to take a couple of paintings along to help promote my appearance at the end of the month.

Now the last time I exhibited was 29 years ago – for my degree show – and it was no surprise to me that I felt just as nervous about showing my work again as I did way back when! Fortunately, the fabulous environment and wonderful people that attended meant I had a really lovely evening! I was so pleased to be able to show my work al fresco in the garden and I really love Angela’s idyllic garden studio. It also meant that I was out of the hubbub of the main house which is full of fabulous work by lots of other artists’ work so felt much busier!

Here are a few photos I took before many people had arrived and before I got distracted by the bar and lots of conversations!

I’m delighted to report that I had some really lovely reactions to my paintings which has left me feeling really encouraged about showing more work and meeting more people at the end of the month.

I particularly enjoyed watching people from a safe distance and it soon became apparent that to many, my work was completely invisible, whether it was the fact they’re watercolours or the subject matter I’ll never know but it was interesting to observe. Many others however did stop and look, some people pointed, some took photographs and some even sought me out to have a chat which was wonderful.

The private view finished respectably early which left plenty of time for a few of us to sit around the firepit late into the evening chatting and laughing which was such a perfect end to the day.

My work will be back at 2 Knoyle on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May. On Sunday 28th May I’ll also be present and, weather permitting, hope to do a bit of painting too. I haven’t decided what I’ll be painting yet but am thinking it may be a good opportunity to explore some of my Barcelona photographs. It would be lovely to see anyone that’s in the vicinity, especially if you’re a dab hand with a paintbrush as I fear I may need all the help I can get!


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    1. Thanks Margaret and yes, the setting is very unique – I felt much more at home hanging out in the garden than I would have in a gallery setting, that’s for sure! As for more painting, definitely… more shows…. possibly!

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