Is that tarmac I see?

And not just tarmac. But some buildings too. And some telegraph poles.  It’s practically a cityscape!

In a very tentative nod to the real world, this landscape is brimming with ‘mod cons’.

I’ve often shied away from anything that features tarmac… or indeed buildings in general. I’ve seen some artists handle tarmac brilliantly, I’m thinking in particular of those rain soaked street scenes full of luscious reflections, but I’ve rarely considered myself capable of rising to the challenge. I do like the prospect of tackling more urban scenes, but it’s definitely going to be a softly softly approach.

This is another Wesson derived scene and one that I enjoyed painting and feel relatively pleased with. The image below shows the full sketch:


And, learning from last week’s lesson in cropping, this one is a slightly trimmed version which I think works better.

FullSizeRenderMaybe I’ll try for something even more urban next time, although landscapes often possess a gentility and romance – not to mention a lack of straight lines – that I find immensely appealing.

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