Another ‘big tree’ landscape

After last week’s more involved post of existential angst… here’s something short and – if not sweet – then at least simple. It’s based on a Wesson original but increasingly, as my confidence develops, I’m only using these as reference points rather than trying to produce copies.A Wesson inspired landscape

Often, when I’m reflecting on sketch, I can usually say that one particular area may be okay, but all these other areas are disappointing. On this occasion however, I think I like more areas than I dislike. I’m pleased with elements of the far and middle distance and much of the foreground and I think the tree, whilst far from perfect, just about holds its own. I did think that a little judicious cropping may help this image so I took a little off both the top and bottom, and my first instinct is that this is an improvement – be interested in other people’s thoughts on this?

Wesson-esq landscape cropped top and bottom

Looking at this image in the context of some of my other recent works, one area that I’m going to try to focus on more is the sky. I’m not sure why but I seem to have become nervous of more ‘lost and found’ edges and instead, my recent skies have become a bit dull and one dimensional.

Still, I’m pleased with the general direction of travel and, whilst  I still have lots of things to work on, I’m really enjoying myself at the moment!

Thoughts on Another ‘big tree’ landscape

2 thoughts on “Another ‘big tree’ landscape”

    1. Hi Keith, thanks for this and glad you think the crop is an improvement. Makes me think that I should be a bit more ruthless with my cropping in future!
      It reminds me actually that a friend who has recently done me a favour has asked for a painting for payment… but they’re only collecting A6 postcard sized work. I’ve suggested that rather than try to paint a postcard sized work, that they run an A6 sized window mount over a selection of my paintings and they can take their choice of a detail from within a painting. I must get back onto that as I think it’ll be a really interesting exercise (and might make a good post too!) Many thanks Keith

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