Pizza and Pencil

I recently enjoyed a rather rushed and very hedonistic weekend in Milan that featured much celebrating to mark a dear friend’s birthday (perhaps a little too much celebrating some might say!). Sadly the weekend didn’t permit time for any artistic endeavors but I did enjoy ‘stumbling’ across this wonderful placemat in a pizzeria that we ate in.

Fabbrica Restaurant placemat
Fabbrica Restaurant placemat

Timely in many ways as I’ve been trying to focus a little more on my sketching – of which more to come soon – as a means of improving my observation and confidence with a pencil but I just really liked the simplicity, energy and feeling of depth created in this sketch. Hopefully you can get a little more sense of the pencil-work from this image gallery:

As for the pizza, I had one of my favourites – a capricciosa – and mightily delicious it was too! Should you ever be in the vicinity, I can highly recommend it, and you can find out more by visiting the Fabbrica Pizzeria website – buon appetito!

Now then, where did I put that pencil?

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