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Winter light, St Nicholas Church, Brighton

My weekly watercolour blog

This is not so much a review as a declaration of my admiration for John’s work.

Those who see his paintings do not need to be reassured by me (or anyone else) that they are good. Twitter has enabled me to find artists which I would probably never come across; John is such an artist and I feel so glad I have ‘found him’. I find his work exceptional. The atmosphere and movement of his cityscapes, the tranquillity and light of the landscapes and the attention to detail and drawing skills of his interiors – so much to admire.

Having recently purchased a small painting from him, he went out of his way to arrange delivery and make sure I was satisfied with the work before he sent it.

Mandy R, Coventry, UK

We had the luck of spending some time with you and your wonderful family in France.
It was amazing to see what you could do with only paper, pencil, and some paint.
The painting of the marketplace in Perigueux has a special place in our house. During rainy weather it will remind us of the French sun, sounds familiar in Brighton 😉

Carlo D, Bruges, Belgium

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